10 April 2020

Best Unique Baby Shower Gifts

You've been invited to a baby shower and decide to go outside the box to purchase something that will dazzle the new mom. I've got just the list for you. Created by a mom of seven how knows all about the needs vs wants of being a new parent, these are the best unique baby shower gifts available online right now.

Lounge In Style

For probably the first 6 weeks of my new child's life, I found myself in either pajamas or lounge wear nearly all day long, everyday. It wasn't that I was being lazy or even that I was depressed. I simply wanted to be comfortable in my own space while caring for my newborn. It wasn't until my fourth child that I discovered family matching pjs at LazyOne.com. These not only allowed the comfort that I desired but also helped the others feel included in bedtime routines. This was especially important since my children were so close in age.

Keep Calm and Journal On

52 Lists for Calm: Journaling Inspiration for Soothing Anxiety and Creating a Peaceful Life is the ideal way to develop peace of mind and serenity through the calming practice of list-making. No matter if this is your first baby or your fourth, staying on task is very important. It will help relax your mind and save your soul when you find yourself frazzled from lack of sleep.

View from Above

Toss everything you know about baby monitors out the window. The Nanit Plus Camera offers an amazing bird's eye of baby in the crib and provides your baby’s sleep data at your fingertips. It was dubbed one of the "Best Inventions of 2018" by TIME Magazine. This smart baby monitor was designed to help your baby sleep like a baby while giving you piece of mind.

The Art of Penmanship

Anyone remember those baby books where you would write down details that you wanted to save and share with your little one when they grew up? Well, Letters to My Baby is similar but oh so much better. You'll always remember their first word or first steps, but what about that rainy Tuesday spent coloring while you looked upon your newborn and felt magic for the first time? This correspondence-inspired set is perfect for capturing those moments in words to be read later in life just when your child needs them.

Tell us which of these is your favorite or add your own unique baby shower gift idea in a comment below!

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