20 September 2019

A Comprehensive Guide to Maternity Clothing: How to Dress the Bump

Are you tired of wearing loose and simple maternity clothing for the complete 9 months? We know your answer is yes. After all, the main priority of any pregnant woman is to remain calm and comfortable in days of body swelling and pain.

However, finding new and stylish clothes to accommodate their growing bump can be overwhelming for many would-be mamas. And let’s not forget- these women already have a lot on their plate.

But don’t worry as this article will help in evolving your wardrobe from traditional maternity clothes to something stylish and vogue. Make your pregnancy journey more enjoyable and beautiful by dolling up in modish non-maternity clothes.

Here are some occasions where you can flaunt stylish maternity clothing:
  • Official baby shower
  • Casual friends’ meetup
  • Family gatherings
  • Professional meetings
Social settings like above allow pregnant ladies to display their exceptional sense of style.

You can pull off a stylish look by wearing loose office shirts on formal trousers. For informal gatherings, a floral knee-length maxi looks wonderful. How about trying shorts on check shirts? The options are practically limitless.

There are even some workarounds for making your current wardrobe friendlier towards your pregnant belly.

Items to Compliment Your Maternity Wardrobe

A little bit of creativity can help you turn in to a style diva. Here are some items that can adjust your regular wardrobe for pregnancy. With the combination of these methods and some inspiration from celebrities, you will be rocking that baby bump in no time.

1. Get your hands on Bella band

This band is commonly worn by pregnant women to comfortably wear types of denim. It is worn on the waistline to protect the unbuttoned pants from getting visible. A useful hack from saving your pants thrown into waste. 

2. Jackets

Buy some fancy and floral jackets for informal meetups. These jackets will give a modish look and can be worn on all types of tees and pants. You can flaunt your bump and curves in this look.

3. Extend the waist length of your denim

You must be having some pants which you can think of wearing in these pregnancy days. We have a tip for you. Have a denim therapy and ask the tailor to add some extra clothes on the waist length. Once you get free from delivery, you can restore the original size. Easy?

4. Adjust your undergarments size

Most of the women face troubles while adjusting in a bra in the peak pregnancy days. For your help, we have invented an idea. Ask the tailor to add some extra hooks and eyes on the band. If you wish, you can buy some cheap bras from the market. Even some maternity stores have special maternity undergarments. 

Seasonal Maternity Outfits

Here’s how you go about maternity apparel season to season.

1. Summer

Stay light and chill in summers. Common types of summer attire are loose knee-length maxis, jumpsuits, striped tees, crop shoulder tops, and trousers. 

2. Winter

You have to stay warm and safe in the winter. Wear warm layering to protect yourself from flu and nausea. Suitable types of winter apparel are large coats, leather jackets, hoodies, muffs, and leggings.

3. Spring

Spring season is chill and nice to dwell in. Any type of clothing works. Floral dresses slay the most. Floral shirts, maxis, or jumpsuits are easy to handle in pregnancy.

4. Autumn

The season is quite dry. So base your dress on your region’s climate. Little warm clothes work best for pregnant ladies. Common autumn attire is sweatshirts, leggings, shorts, and jackets. 

How to rock the maternity look by choosing stylish accessories?

A pinch of accessories amplifies your beauty in pregnancy. Matching purse, shoes, and jewelry can give you a modish look. Let’s discover.

1. Shoes

After 5 months of pregnancy, ladies don’t prefer to walk in heels, but some do. Preferable types of shoes in maternity days are:
  • Loafers
  • Stilettos
  • Pumps
  • Flip Flops (ideal)
  • Flats

2. Purse

Your purse should be fully equipped with your medicines and sanitary accessories in 9 months. Try not to make your purse heavy weighted as it will be difficult for you to walk.
  • Fancy clutches will work best for casual meetups.
  • Large purse when out for shopping and medical appointments.
  • Purse chain to the knee will make easy for you to carry.

3. Jewelry
  • Most of the pregnant females prefer staying simple.
  • Pearled ear studs make your face look slim
  • Light studded necklaces.
  • Light bracelets.
  • Hats will look cool on summer days.
  • Wear sunnies whenever you go out.

How to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes in Pregnancy

  1. Give a tailoring therapy to all your tees. Get your tees tailored and expand in size. You can also do it by a sewing machine. Turn the shirt inside out and sew the side seam with elastic.
  2. Discover your closet and take out all the maxis. Shorten the length of the maxis into short and loose tees.
  3. If your tops aren’t adjustable in short length then extend its length by sewing a fabric below it.

Before starting your maternity shopping, search for reasonable online retails. Choose the one which matches your financial budget. Search for the coupons which offer free shipping and a discount of 25% to 50%. The saved amount can be utilized further for maternity necessities. Search for those stores that offer a discount on subscribing through emails or first time shopping. Look for deals like buy and one free.

All said and done, would-be mamas can fill their entire closet with a number of beautiful and stylish maternity clothes. So all my pregnant ladies out there; you’ve plenty of options. Get yourself some comfy apparel and own that baby bump.

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