19 March 2019

How to Write an Essay on Parenting Styles

It often happens that a person has difficulty in correctly writing an essay. The inability to express thoughts in writing leads to bad results. We will tell you the algorithm for writing an essay on the topic “Parenting styles.”

Professional essay writing should begin with the introductory part, in which you must clearly identify the problem, about which you actually will continue to argue. Focus on the problem of raising a child. In the main part of the essay, it is necessary to present the arguments logically and consistently, revealing the stated topic. In conclusion, you should summarize the above reasoning and show a possible solution to the problem.

How to Write an Essay on Parenting Styles

Start by Introducing Your Topic

On the issues of home education of the younger generation has been written a huge amount of literary and scientific works. This is an endless topic, that requires constant adjustment depending on the realities of today. Everything changes, and not always for the better. At the same time, there is one big and important denominator in this topic - raising children in the family. But how to choose the most optimal parenting style? How to make the natural disagreements between parents on parenting and other family issues do not cripple the child's identity?

Identify Parenting Functions

Raising children is a serious and responsible process on which the future of the child, the family, the new generation, the country and the world as a whole depends. The Swiss teacher Pestalozzi believed that education in the family should be aimed at the harmonious formation and development of all the qualities of children. Conscious education is not one, but different models of education, each of which has its own characteristics, its own pros and cons. It is not obvious that rigid education cannot be conscious and once an adequate choice. Many parents are attracted by the model of natural education with almost no social prohibitions, but even relatively free education with reasonable restrictions can be directive in varying degrees. The correct approach to education will help grow a strong and independent personality, as well as avoid many problems and difficulties in the future.

Write About the Contradictions

In a family, the choice of parenting style often becomes a serious disagreement: severity or softness, authoritarianism or democracy, hyper-care or non-intervention, etc. Differences in the characters of parents can be an obstacle to choosing the optimal parenting style. While a pedantic father requires unquestioning obedience and execution of orders, a more “soft” nature of the mother, on the contrary, indulges all the weaknesses and whims of the child. Often, disagreements between family members turn into an open confrontation. Then the child is in the most unpleasant role - a hostage of parental conflicts: he is forced to choose how to behave in a contradictory situation.

One of the most important needs of a child is to be loved and "good." How often do children ask this question: “Am I good?” Or proudly state: “I am a good boy!” This is important for them, and often their behavior is motivated by this need. And what about a child who wants to be loved by both parents? He is forced to cheat and adapt to each: it turns out that even from infancy, parents force the child to learn to manipulate.

Formulate the Conclusion of the Essay

The problem of the influence of family and family education on the formation of the basic qualities of the child’s personality is currently quite relevant. The outlook and characters of family members can be different. The choice of parenting methods often becomes a serious disagreement in the family. And different styles of education, and conflicting instructions not only lead to disorientation in the outlook of the child, but also to complications in the formation of his personality. What should parents do to avoid negative consequences? First of all, you need to come to an agreement among themselves. It is necessary to coordinate educational measures and delineate areas of responsibility. It is important to develop new joint models of education. Each family member should describe how he wants to see the future of his child and how he plans to help him in this. It is useful to read together and discuss books on the upbringing of children, to attend seminars "on the subject." Only joint efforts will contribute to the development of the most optimal style of upbringing a small person.

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