06 September 2018

Raising Kids as a Single Parent

The struggles of raising kids all on your own will mainly boil down to time - there is simply not enough of it. We try to make a living while raising kids and preferably keeping the house neat and tidy at the same time, but how do we find time to do what we enjoy the most?

While we’d all like to spend as much time with our children as possible, it’s even harder for a single parent. You’re in good company, though, and those who have been through it before you have a lot of great advice to share.

Here is a handful of good tips on raising kids as a single parent so that you can relax a bit more and rest assured that you’re doing it right.

#1 Make the most of your time together

It may seem obvious, but we keep complaining about not having enough time while simultaneously forgetting to appreciate the time we actually have together. Try to pay attention to what you do with that time; are you spending it in front of the TV or talking to each other about your day?

Spending time around the dinner table is just one of many ways to appreciate each other a bit more. Make the most out of every moment by reading stories during bedtime, chatting on your way to kindergarten or school, and initiating a singalong in the car.

These are the little moments that actually count, and if you spend the time wisely, you’ll soon realise that you actually have a bit more of it than you thought.

#2 Save the negative talk for someone else

While it is good to give your children responsibility as they grow up, it’s never a good idea to give them more responsibility than they should have at their age. This means that the negative talk about your ex-partner should be saved for those expert divorce solicitors, and complaints about bills can be saved for your friends.

Try not to burden your children too much although you’d like to give them responsibility. It’s true that most children understand much more than we think when times are tough, and it’s fine to let them know if you’re struggling - but keep your sense of humour, and don’t make them feel like the situation is hopeless.

#3 Remember structure and routines

When you have so much to do and barely find time for all of it during your week, it’s easy to let those structures and routines fall apart for a while. Focus on making your children stick to theirs, however, as they need them in order to stay healthy and happy. 

It’s a great way to spend a bit more time together as well, by the way, by taking part in their bedtime routines with those stories. 

Raising kids as a single parent is definitely a challenge for most people. By simply reading this article, it already shows that you’re trying your best, though, and your children will value the effort you put into it when they’re all grown up.

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