02 August 2018

4 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Teenager

Younger children are easy to spend time with – they need you with them, and they want to be with you for as much as possible anyway, so when you tell them you’re going out for the day, they will generally willingly follow. Teenagers are different. They are a lot more independent and know their own minds, and often want to be left alone. That can be a sad situation for parents who want to be able to enjoy time with their children, no matter how old they are. If that is the case for you, here are some suggestions for ways to spend quality time with your teenager. 

4 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Teenager

Go Shopping 
Assuming your teenager enjoys shopping, then going with them can be a great bonding experience. You can shop for anything – it doesn’t have to be clothes and shoes, but could be music, books, video games, or makeup. There might be a special occasion to be shopping for such as Christmas or a birthday or anniversary. If this is the case, make sure you listen to your teenager’s opinion about what to buy people – it will make them feel valued and make the shopping trip even better. As a treat, take them out for lunch and perhaps a pamper session while you’re out of the house. 

Do Errands 
Errands need to be done, even if no one particularly wants to do them, and if you can take your teenager along with you, it will make the tasks a lot easier. Firstly, you’ll have someone to talk to, and this will show your child that you enjoy their company and want to be with them. Secondly, errands will teach your teenager responsibility, and how to successfully run a household. These are skills that will certainly come in useful in the future when they head off to college or have their own home. Eventually you can ask your teenager to do these tasks on your behalf, and they will feel appreciated and like an adult, which will also make them feel happy. 

Do Something They Like 
Spending time with your teenager should be as much about them as it is about you. There might be something you are keen to try, but if your child doesn’t want to do it, then it will be difficult to persuade them otherwise. Instead, as what it is they want to do, and try to accommodate it. They might want to see a particular band in concert, so you could check out ticketsales.com, purchase tickets, and go along with them. They might want to try a new activity, or start an evening class. These are all things you can do together. 

Driving Lessons 
Something that most teenagers will want to do when they reach the right age is to learn how to drive. This is something that, with a lot of patience and care, you can do for them, and it will give you the perfect opportunity to spend time with them. Make sure you are confident in driving yourself so that you can properly teach them safely, of course.


  1. I have always thought teens really need more time than most give them. They are often unsure and some ill at ease. Time spent with teens even if talking while taking a drive or something small is time well spent to reinforce morals or let them ask questions.

  2. Shopping is usually a great way to spend time with teenage girls and boys would probably be sports

  3. Sometimes I think teenagers just need some personal space and time as they grow more independent, and if parents are prepared to love them through their times when they prefer personal space it will allow stronger relationships later on.

  4. I would think there is a big big difference between teenage boys and girls. Sports is the key to some teenage boys, but if they are teenage sportsmen it is more watching them perform in their team from the touch line, or rink side for our youngest playing hockey. There are not so many opportunities for bonding but it's still important to go and be there for them.


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