05 July 2018

Creativity Your Child Can Take Part In

Kids are full of imagination. It’s what makes their pictures so colorful and their crayons so blunt, and it’s why we laugh at the stories that come out of their mouths. Being creative is quite natural for anyone under the age of 15, and kids rarely have to practice to come up with an idea or have some fun because of it! But as children get older and older, their creativity is better put to use when it’s funneled into something productive that they can enjoy, which can help them out with their career and passion dreams when they’re adults.

Creativity starts at home, and it’s something that every child should be allowed to explore freely until they find something to do that they really love. So with all that in mind, here’s a couple of ideas for how you can better direct your child’s creativity during this sensitive time, without limiting them in any way. 

So you might have to put all the lids back on the paint, but getting it everywhere is all part of the creative process, honestly!

Try Some LEGO Builds

It’s the toy that keeps on giving! And hey, you never know when you have a little architect or engineer in your household if you don’t set up some Lego building challenges from time to time! You’ve probably got a whole box of the stuff in the attic, so now’s the time to dig it out and get building; you’ve got a picture to recreate, a time limit to do it in, and you little five year old is depending on you to help them beat their older brother at the game! 

If you’ve ever seen a Lego sculpture on the internet or in the news for being a world first, and thought about how that works… well now you can find out and try to build something like it yourself!

Make Jewelry Together

It’s something that can be very fiddly and intricate, but it can teach your child about patience and determination, and how to keep their cool when a necklace just won’t chain together! Rings are really quite interesting to make as well, seeing as you can teach a bit of healthy of safety with a hot glue gun to stick to the art your kid has created to the actual ring itself. 

And hey, you’re going to have a lot of fun whilst you’re at it, putting all kinds of beads and pieces together to create something that’s really fashion forward. You can check here and Disney Jewellery to life for some ideas to get you started if you have no clue how to create something you’d actually love for your little one to wear outside!

Being creative is something that should flow naturally, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take practice to get good at it. Start young and your child will be an absolute artistic wonder by the time they reach their teens, and they’re going to love every minute of your supportive process!


  1. Being creative is so important for kids as well as adults. It doesnt mean you have to be Picasso, just do something that engages your mind. Many of these projects can help them build confidence.

    ellen bek

  2. Nice activities to boost creativity.

  3. Creativity can grow as children develop the skill of expressing themselves but need help through the early phases when their creativity doesn't result in great works of art but a mess instead


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