01 May 2018

Tips For Visiting Mount Rushmore With Kids

One of the most incredible historical monuments you can visit in the United States is Mount Rushmore. Heading there with your family is a great start to teaching your children about American History. Here are our Tips For Visiting Mount Rushmore With Kids to help you get started on a great family vacation adventure.

Tips For Visiting Mount Rushmore With Kids

Explain The History Behind The Monument: Before you make it to your destination, take the time to look up a bit of information about why the monument was carve out of the mountain. While they may enjoy looking at a cool carving in a mountain, it will mean a lot more when they know why it was created, who created it and why the presidents were chosen to be on it.

Participate In The Junior Ranger Program: As this is a National Park, there is a great Junior Ranger program you can let your kids participate in. They divide it up into ages ranges to give each child the chance to learn at their own pace. This is a fun way to get them involved in what the park has to offer.

Make Time To Hike The Trails: Go beyond the basic monument tour and spend some time hiking the trails around Mount Rushmore. This will give you a chance to see things from the builders point of view, and get a bit closer to it than the simple overlooks.

Spend Time In The Visitor Center & Museum: Make sure to go through the visitor center and museum. There is a wealth of information available to share all of the historical facts behind the building of Mount Rushmore. The visitor center will have park rangers on hand to answer questions and share their own thoughts on the area. Don't miss out on the bookstore and gift shop. Tons of great souvenirs and gifts available for purchase.

Visiting Mount Rushmore with kids can help you to see your nations history from a whole new perspective. This is a great way to reach out and enjoy time together as a family doing something both fun and educational. Kids will enjoy the beauty and the history behind it, and parents will enjoy knowing they have turned their vacation time into a platform to teach their kids more about American history.

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  1. Heard of this place before, never been there. Nice activies

  2. Nice to learn about the history, educational fun is great


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