11 April 2018

6 Ways Parents Can Put The “Break” Back Into City Break

6 Ways Parents Can Put The “Break” Back Into City Break

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, so why are you so stressed about the upcoming one? Taking a wild guess, it may have something to do with being a parent to a young family. Kids are great, but they are high-maintenance and won’t listen when things go awry. At 35,000ft in the air, it can lead to screaming and dirty looks from fellow passengers. Still, no one should stay at home and not go on vacation just because a break is a hassle. In the end, the juice is usually worth the squeeze.

Of course, if things were to go a little smoother, it would be better for everyone involved. So, the next time you find a cheap break to Central America or Europe, you want to be able to book safe in the knowledge it won’t be a catastrophe. Quite simply, you want to put the “break” back into city break.

Here are six ways parents can appease the little ones when the next holiday rolls around.

Choose Wisely

“Oh look, Paris is only a couple of hundred bucks.” Click! Being the city of romance, the capital of France is bound to pique your interest. However, it’s not a savvy choice if there are a couple of kids in tow. To begin with, you won’t get to experience the romantic side of the city when you are constantly worrying about the children. Plus, the metropolitan area is massive and the flight is at least 7 or 8 hours. Looking at it objectively, it’s not the best option for a young family. The key is to put the needs of the little first and think about you and your partner afterward. Of course, moms and dads do this 99% of the time, but a vacation is the one time which makes you think, “they’ll manage, right?” If you have to ask, the answer is probably no. Keep it close to home so that the culture is similar and not too much of a change. Canada, anyone?

Pack Heavy

Gone are the days you can throw a couple of outfits into an overnight bag and jet off to an exotic location. With children, there is no such as packing light, especially on vacation. So, it’s usually best to fit as much as possible into a suitcase and then there should be no nasty surprises. A toddler, for instance, will need a stroller. Walking all day will take a toll on their small legs, and you won’t be able to carry them for miles. This Baby Jogger City Select LUX review is worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new buggy. It’s pretty useful if there is more than one child, too. The savvy people among will have found a flaw: the cost. Airlines only allow a small amount of hand luggage and checked luggage costs extra. Sorry to say, but it’s probably worth paying the piper just in case unless you can game the system, of course.

Download Uber

It’s a city, so there is no need to hire a car because it’s a waste of money. Anyway, the traffic will only stress you out more, and that isn’t the point of the holiday. Still, taking the Tube in London or using public transport in Asia is by no means a doddle. Okay, the underground is easier than an Indian bus, but it’s not self-explanatory. Also, there’s the fact that buses, trains, and subways are full to the brim with passengers. Travelling with kids, then, is difficult as it’s hard to keep an eye on them throughout the journey. Because there is a God, Uber is available in a range of cities and should be a cheap and easy fix. Simply hail a cab and sit in relative luxury as the driver escorts you to your destination. Make sure there is Wifi or mobile internet for the return journey, though.

Split The Day Into Two

Children are up at the crack of dawn whether it’s a vacation or a regular day at home. It’s best to take advantage of this and get out of the hotel as early as possible. Obviously, don’t forget to stock up on breakfast because it’s going to be a long day! Why? Well, it’s because there is a lot for everyone to see. Oh yes, there is no need to plan all the activities around the kids. In fact, by splitting the day into two, it is possible to see attractions for adults and children. The way it works is simple: do the cultural things in the morning. All parents know their offspring get tired as the day drags on. As a result, they will be less combative in the morning. Hopefully, the idea of going to a water park or hitting the arcade should perk them up enough to get to dinner.

6 Ways Parents Can Put The “Break” Back Into City Break

Check For Discounts

Going on vacation as a couple wasn’t cheap but it was by no means as costly as holidaying with kids. For the average family, the expenses can make or break a vacation, which is why discounts are essential. The good news is that most of them revolve around the children. For example, plenty of airlines don’t charge full price for youths under a certain age. And, if they don’t go free, the amount will be about half. Therefore, be sure to choose an airline which is child-friendly. Often, zoos, aquariums, museums, etc. have the same policy to help families save money. Another neat trick is to book an Airbnb or an apartment instead of a hotel. Usually, they come with kitchens which means you can cook and save a significant chunk of cash. Of course, free activities, such as going to a park, are everywhere.

Track Them

Cities are full of people and it’s easy to lose a small child. No one likes to think about it, yet it’s essential. Otherwise, you or your son or daughter won’t know how to act. Technology today means you can track anyone through a cell phone, watch or bracelet as long as you have signal and data.

Does a city break with kids sounds easier now?

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  1. We didnt getto go on many vacations more like short day trips. hese sound like good ideas for sure. I especially like dividing the day into two sections thats very true.


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