13 March 2018

Stylish & Far From Stagnant! The Best Breaks For Busy Moms Everywhere

Stylish & Far From Stagnant! The Best Breaks For Busy Moms Everywhere

Yes, even us fabulous ladies need a break from the jetsetter lifestyle from time to time. But, what do you want from your vacations nowadays? Are you looking for some time to properly lounge by the side of the pool, or are you looking for some weekend breaks with a bit of adventure? If so, we've got everything covered here! Let's have a look at some options for you and your girlfriends.

City BreaksIf you're looking for somewhere a bit different, there are some fantastic city breaks a little bit further out. Europe has some of the most exquisite architecture available, but if you're just looking for somewhere to lounge around and walk around a big city, sipping on a cappuccino, we've got this! Marseille, in the south of France, is home to many shops and cafes, as well as some fantastic contemporary galleries if you're looking for a bit of culture. For a combination of cafe culture with some urban chic, Marseille is hard to beat. Make sure that you book a hotel on the coast, the Mama Shelter french boutique hotel group opened up an exquisite hotel back in 2012. Like your Italian food? Head to Bologna and sample the delicacies from traditional local restaurants like Trattoria Anna Maria. You haven't lived until you've experienced aperitivo, which is basically just snacks and wine, but it just seems to make sense in Italy to have a glass of wine just as lunch time is approaching! And while Europe has the city break market covered for Europeans if that's a bit too far, why don't you head to somewhere a little closer to home? Savannah, Georgia has got some fantastic architecture, but the food! There's nothing quite like tucking into a triple layer deli sandwich to kick off your day. And be careful if you're walking around in heels, as they can get stuck in the cobbles! And it would be a crime if we didn't mention New Orleans, the very definition of partying! Even if you don't like and marching jazz band, you can always head out to New Orleans to join the mardi gras crowds. At any other time of year, New Orleans is still bristling with life, with an abundance of nightclubs, bars, and cafes. Make sure you get some homemade Louisiana pie while you're there!

Want Some Adventure?
Have you had your fill of restaurants and bars? Maybe it's time to test your aptitude for adventure. Adventure vacations are usually an acquired taste. Sometimes we don't want to run ourselves ragged, but sometimes there are those people who have this attitude and come back feeling more rested and rejuvenated even though they've been climbing rocks and pushing themselves to the limit! This could be you! But, adventure vacations don't always mean excessive physical excursion. Safaris are one of the best ways to get out and experience some adventure while learning a little something about the world around us, but also, not getting yourself completely dirty! There are so many places you can go on safari, but South Africa is a hotspot for the best safaris in the world. You can go on safari in the Okavango Delta, and experience the various type of wildlife, from flora and fauna to fish and meet natives to the Delta, such as the Bugakhwe bushmen. If this is a bit too adventurous for you, you can head to the Southern Ocean Lodge based on Kangaroo Island in Australia. This is a great combination of adventure with plush surroundings. The guest rooms have floor to ceiling windows so you can see the beauty that surrounds you while enjoying a complimentary room bar, as well as the usual amenities, such as robes, and heated floors! On this island, you can get guided tours to explore the wildlife and sea creatures this place offers. The Southern Ocean Lodge also offers various treatments, a steam room, as well as a restaurant that makes the most of the best local ingredients and wines, meaning you've got an authentic Australian experience.

Need Some Downtime With Your Girls?
If all this talk of breaks sounds too tiring, maybe you just need to blow off some steam with your girls and find somewhere to have some quality downtime and maybe a few treats. If you're looking for some quality downtime with a slower pace, Sonoma in California is slap bang in the middle of wine country. You've got more than 130 vineyards to choose from, as well as many boutique properties for you to relax in. The West Sonoma Inn & Spa hosts various wine tastings, and the best of modern and classic spa treatments, meaning that if you don't want to, you don't have to leave the building! However, if you are wined out, you might want to hit the beach instead? Montauk in New York might have a reputation as a party beach town, but if you want to hit the beach and enjoy some proper sun time without bros and dudes ruining your tan, the Sole East Beach is a great choice. It's the only hotel in the area that is just across from the ocean, so you've got access to the beach, but it's also a couple of minutes down the road from some party spots, including the Sloppy Tuna. But if you want an authentic Sex In The City experience, maybe you should head to New York City and experience why is the greatest city in the world. With all of the various bars, cafes, and cultural landmarks, you won't get bored! Head into Brooklyn if you're looking for an authentically trendy and cool experience. There are so many rooftop restaurants so that you can witness the city in full flow while sampling a fantastic glass of chardonnay with your authentic pizza in a cup, or some light arancini starters, whichever you prefer!

Adventure, relaxation, or just some time out with your girls, there are no limits to what you can do! There so many fantastic weekends breaks available, but if you're looking for a bit longer, then spend some time away from home. We all need to come loose from time to time, so book a girl's trip, and get out there!


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