21 February 2018

Make Pregnancy Stretch Marks A Thing Of The Past With This Advice

All mothers go through different struggles after giving birth. For some, there are massive mental battles as they try and deal with postpartum depression. For others, there are physical problems that could linger for a long time and cause lots of pain. Different people suffer in different ways; pregnancy is rarely a nice and easy ride.

Having said that, there are a few things most new mothers have in common. One of those is the presence of stretch marks. You should probably go out and do the lottery if you get through childbirth without stretch marks - around 90% of women get them during pregnancy! The thing is, they’re not painful in any way, so they really shouldn’t garner much attention compared to some of the other things that can happen after pregnancy. But, they can give you a massive self-confidence knock as you think they look unsightly and gross. Personally, I think they’re similar to war scars. They should be something you’re proud of, a sign of the struggles you’ve been through. 

However, I’m fully aware that a lot of new mothers want to get rid of their stretch marks as quickly as possible. So, I decided to put together all the best advice I could find, into this article. Everything you could hope to know about getting rid of stretch marks is listed below.

Lemon juice is great for healing stretch marks.

Rub Lemon Juice On Your Stretch Marks

Right away, we have quite an odd thing for you to do. You’ll find that most of the advice on this list sounds a bit weird, but it’s all effective and natural. Lemon juice is very acidic, and this acidity is great for your skin if you have stretch marks. Remember, stretch marks are essentially a type of scarring, they’re evidence that your skin has suffered trauma. With the acid in lemon juice, you can heal your skin. By healing your skin, you will greatly reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. The good thing about this is that lemon juice is easy and cheap to get your hands on, and it lasts a long time when kept fresh in the fridge. What’s more, you don’t need to create some crazy concoction to rub on your body. It’s simply a case of getting lemon juice and putting it on the affected areas. Anyone can do this, there are no measurements or weights to worry about; it’s simple. 

Use An Avocado-Based Serum

Did you know that avocados have peptides inside them that are good for your skin? More specifically, these avocado peptides have been proven to help release tight skin and make it feel more elastic and supple once more. Now, you could make an avocado rub on your own, but this costs a fair bit of money as avocados aren’t cheap, and you’ll need to buy a fair few of them at a time. Instead, look out for brands like Mustela USA that make serums with avocado peptides in them. Normally, they combine this with other natural ingredients to help target stretch marks. Get your hands on a serum like this, apply it daily, and watch the results for yourself. There are loads of stretch mark creams and gels on the market, so it’s difficult to find the right ones. Check the ingredients, make sure they’re natural, and preferably one of the ingredients is avocado peptides.

Exercise helps stretch marks fade

Strengthen & Tone The Muscles Near Your Stretch Marks

Women get stretch marks in various places after giving birth. Some people have them in different areas to others, but there are a few common places they occur. Most notably, you see stretch marks on your stomach, hips, thighs, and bum. You might get lucky and only have stretch marks in one of these areas, or you could be unlucky and get them everywhere. Regardless, you can use exercise to help sort out the problem. All you have to do is strengthen the muscles near your stretch marks. If they’re on your thighs, strengthen your leg muscles, if they’re on your stomach, strengthen your abs - and so on. By doing this, the muscles become more toned and hard. This has an effect on the skin around these muscles as it becomes tighter and more taught. The result is that your stretch marks are far less visible. This won’t get rid of them for good, but it will certainly help make them less noticeable. Combine this with other treatment ideas for the best results. 

Moisturize & Nourish Your Skin Daily

One of the biggest mistakes women make is they don’t moisturize and nourish the skin by their stretch marks. Most of us will have a skincare routine where we apply moisturizer to our face, right? Sometimes we may deal with other dry areas such as our elbows and knees. But, it’s rare that we have the time to moisturize all over. Normally, this doesn’t matter too much as most people don’t suffer from dry skin all over their body. However, when you have stretch marks, then your skin needs the extra hydration and nourishment. Therefore, you need to apply a good moisturizing lotion to it, every single day. I recommend something with shea butter, as this really helps nourish your skin and fade away the stretch marks for good. I also suggest you do this in the morning and night. So, you do it twice per day and give your skin the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and get rid of stretch marks.

Brush Your Skin Every Morning

Again, this is one of those tips that looks very, very, strange. You’ve heard of brushing your hair, but brushing your skin?! The idea here is to get your hands on a brush of some kind that can be used on your skin. My preference is one of those brushes you use in the shower to reach your back and other areas that are hard to reach. They’re designed for use on your skin, so they won’t harm it or scratch you. From here, you simply brush over the affected areas. Don’t do this when you’re wet, make sure you do it every morning before your shower/bath. Why? Because it’s proven that brushing your skin helps stimulate circulation. Now, this is where the science comes into play. If circulation improves in an area of the body, it means more blood goes there. This then means more of all the nutrients in your blood are in that area too. Your blood helps banish the toxins in that area, and the white blood cells help heal the stretch marks. Combine this with a shower/bath - which also improves circulation - and you’ll see your body’s natural defense system go to work. Over time, the stretch marks will slowly fade in appearance.

Laser therapy is very expensive, but it works

Undergo Medical Treatments To Remove Stretch Marks

Generally speaking, I think it’s better to look at natural home remedies instead of undergoing medical treatments. But, I’m not a medical professional, so take my guidance with a pinch of salt. If you have serious stretch mark issues, and nothing you do is working, then there are medical options available as well. Some people prefer to just get treatment right away, as it saves a lot of time - though it also costs a lot of money. One of the most common treatments is laser therapy. Lasers have often been used to help with various skin problems in the past. If you have a particular mole or beauty spot that you don’t like, you can get it lasered off. The same idea applies to stretch marks - the laser can burn them off for good. This is easily the most effective way of removing your stretch marks. The good thing is, there are no side effects, and it’s a fairly safe treatment that’s not too painful. It certainly seems more appealing than some of the surgical options available! But, the big issue is the price. It’s the most expensive treatment around, so maybe it’s way out of your budget anyway. I thought I’d just include this in there in case there’s anyone that can afford it reading this. It’s only fair to cover as many different options as possible!

Stick To A Healthy Diet

My last piece of advice is a simple one; eat a healthy diet. Doing this, in conjunction with exercise, will help you lose weight. Or, at the very least, it prevents you from putting on loads of weight and making your stretch marks worse. Plus, health diets mean you’re consuming loads of great nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for your skin. So, you’ll only see positive results from this.

Getting rid of stretch marks may seem impossible, but it’s definitely something you can do. It may take time - if you go down the natural route - but it’s worth the wait. Having said all of this, the best way to get rid of stretch marks is to try and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Try and find ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, or at least stop them from being overly visible. This makes your job a lot easier after giving birth!

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