15 February 2018

Is Your Newborn Healthy?

Is Your Newborn Healthy?

It’s easy to worry yourself sick over your baby’s health as a new parent. There are many alarming problems that newborns can face – many of which are harmless, whilst some may be a concern. Knowing when to hold back and when to intervene is vital. Here is some advice for any new parent wondering if their baby is healthy or not.

Birth injuries

Not every birth goes to plan and sometimes babies can get injured during the birthing process. Scarring from forceps or monitors is common and should usually not be a concern – these scar will heal in weeks to come. You may however want to worry if there are infections or if there are fractures. This could be a case of malpractice in which case a company like Gray and White Law may be needed to help get you compensation. It’s worth talking to doctors and midwifes first so that they can properly diagnose the problem.

Strange skin colors

If your baby’s skin is an odd color, it could be cause for concern. Yellowish skin, known as jaundice, is common among newborns and is simply your baby’s liver getting used to its job. This pigment should fade after a week – if it persists you may want to speak to a doctor. Blue lips are a more urgent matter as they could be a sign of cyanosis (your baby may not be getting enough oxygen). Call emergency services if you suspect this to be the case.

Feeding frustrations

If your newborn is refusing to feed, they may just be acting stubborn. Breast-fed babies commonly take a while to get used to feeding and may lose weight in the first week. You should worry if your baby is hardly feeding at all or is throwing up a lot as it could be a sign of a stomach problem or swallowing issue. A doctor will be able to come up with a diagnosis.

Poop problems

Don’t worry if your newborn is constipated or has diarrhoea – they’re still getting used to digesting milk. You should worry if your baby is pooing almost clear liquid, if there is blood in the poo or if your baby is taking days to do a poo.

Irregular breathing

Babies will get coughs and may get wheezy. You should worry if your baby is breathing irregularly however or grunting at the end of each breath. You could consider buying a baby breathing monitor from a company such as Lullaby Trust if your are truly concerned. Going to a doctor should be the first point of call though.

Worrisome rashes

Your newborn may get nappy rashes or rashes under the arms. Products like Sudocrem are excellent for helping these rashes to heal. You should worry if rashes start to blister or spread as this could be a sign of an infection.

Constant crying

Some newborns are bigger cryers than others. Crying with no apparent cause can be frustrating. Many parents diagnose this as colic, although this is more common after several months. Constant crying could be worth checking out if it appears suddenly for no reason and refuses to stop – your baby could have developed a pain such as a fracture which may need to be diagnosed.

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