04 August 2015

6 Ways to Make This Halloween More Festive

As Halloween is nearing, it's time to start thinking about making the holiday more festive. Although there are many decorations you might have in the attic, you can always take the occasion a step further and even involve the children in the fun. You could easily turn it into a month-long experience for yourself and the family while getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Orange Jack-o-Lanterns

When properly peeled, oranges can be fun to turn into miniature jack-o-lanterns with the children. Although oranges may not live as long as pumpkin shells, it can add something unique to the Halloween party. Fill them with candies or other small goodies and the kids may think it's the coolest jack-o-lantern, ever.

Festive Attire

Getting costumes and clothing before October can ensure that you get exactly what you want. The longer you wait, the more likely one of your favorite outlets will be out of stock. Visiting sites such as http://www.giftsforyounow.com/halloween-apparel-for-children 223.aspx can help you find everything from festive shirts to personalized Halloween-themed clothing for all ages.

Special Recipe Books

Never underestimate the fun of a Halloween cookbook. From cookies to dinners, you can add more to October by preparing these dishes. Dedicate your time in the evenings and have your children help. Cooking together can be an excellent bonding method.

Homemade Decor

The arts and crafts section of your local store can be a great asset to find homemade Halloween decorations. From foam balls for a pot of eyeballs to pipe cleaners to use as spider legs, the imagination can run wild in the craft isle.

Candle Jars

Empty jars can make great candle containers, especially if you use window paint to decorate them. Whether you're putting them in the window for all to see or simply dressing up the place setting on the table, its an affordable way to engage the holiday.

Pumpkin Cooler

During a party, an empty pumpkin can make an excellent cooler when loaded with ice. This gives you a great place to store beverages when at a barbecue or family picnic. Just cut the top one-quarter of the pumpkin all the way around and you'll have a lid to keep your drinks cold.

Halloween is more than just a night where the kids can roam the streets looking for candy from the neighbors. From recipes to wardrobes, the month of October can be filled with fun and interesting decor that you may not have considered before. What kind of things can you think of to enhance this list?

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