06 May 2015

Dog Collar Buckles - Which Ones Are The Best For Your Furry Friend?

We love our dogs so much that we treat them as part of the family. Since they are part of the family, we can't help but provide the best love, care, and support that they truly deserve.

When it comes to their nutrition, we choose the best dog food and give them vitamin supplements if needed. When it comes to grooming, we give them the best dog soap and shampoo. When it comes to keeping them fit, we take them for a walk or run outside our houses.

But how about dog collar buckles? Are we using the best type for our furry friend?

To help you answer this dilemma, let's take a few minutes and determine the advantages and disadvantages of plastic dog collar buckles and metal dog collar buckles.

Plastic Dog Collar Buckles


It is lightweight.
Since it is are made up of either Celluloid, Casein, and Bakelite (plastics mostly used in the manufacturing of buckles), it is considerably lighter than its metal counterparts.

It is very easy to attach.
The plastic variants were made with ease in attachment brought to mind. Most plastic buckles are the stealth plastic type so all you need to do is clip on one end to the other and you're good to go.


It may crack or go in disrepair if slammed on a hard surface.
Although plastic is way lighter and way easier to attach, it has the tendency to break if slammed by your beloved dog on a wall, floor, or any hard surface.

It may detach on its own.
Yes, plastic buckles are very easy to attach but they have the tendency to detach when your dog is doing various activities or when you pull the leash in a certain way.

Metal Dog Collar Buckles


It is sturdy and very hard to break. Metal is a very strong element, alloy, or compound hence it is harder to break.&


It is hard to put on or take off.
Most of the time, the holes in the metal plastic dog collar buckles are never on the right spot making it harder to put on immediately. If you are not using the stealth plastic buckle type collar for your dog, it may take you a few seconds or minutes to attach or detach it from your dog but you can be assured of its hardness and sturdiness anyway.

Cheap ones may fall off on their own.
Not all metal are created equal. Make sure to ask your veterinarian or fellow dog lovers on which type or brand is sturdy enough to withstand your dogs energy.

Ready-made holes may not be the perfect fit for your dog.
Since metal buckles are made in the bulk, chances are, the holes on the collar are based on the average sizes of dogs. If it's a perfect fit for your dog, good! If it's not, don't fret. It may take you a few minutes to add a hole by hey, it doesn't matter to us as long as the fit will be perfect and comfortable enough for our dog.

Now that you have the pros and cons, I bet it will be easier for you to choose which one would be best for you, as a pet owner, and your furry friend.

Just take into consideration the comfort, sturdiness, and reliability of the buckles.

And hey! It wouldn't hurt if you'll ask around if which buckles they think is best. You might even get new pointers on which dog collar buckles to choose.

Photo by Tina Phillips.

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