03 February 2015

Eco-friendly Toilets Are a Great Way to Go Green

Everybody wants to contribute to the protection of the environment. Using renewable resources is extremely important as is cutting down on your waste. However, one of the most overlooked areas of protecting the environment is conservation, and a good place to start is with water.

Protecting the water supply

So often, people take their water supply for granted. If you want water, you simply turn on the faucet, but the truth is that clean water is becoming a bigger problem across the nation. Those living in western states have already felt the effects of drought. The price of water is rising, and conservation is now more important than ever. You can make a great contribution to conserving water simply by conserving it in your home. 

The highest usage of water is your toilet

The traditional flush toilet uses an average of six gallons every time it is flushed. If one person were to flush it four times a day, this is 24 gallons a day. When multiplied by 365 days, an individual is using 8,760 gallons a year, but this is only for one person. For a family of four, this equals 35,040 gallons a year. This is an enormous amount of water, and if every household could find a way to reduce this usage, the conservation of the nation’s water supply would be tremendous. 

How to reduce water usage in the toilet

Although there have been attempts at saving water, the basic limitation is the design of the flush toilet. The attempts at conservation have centered on the toilet tank and how much water it holds. If the tank does not fill up with the usual amount of water, then less water will be used. Unfortunately, the toilet will not flush very well, and people end up flushing a second time, so there is no savings in water. Using less water in a traditional flush toilet design can also lead to stoppages. The solution is to use a modern eco-friendly toilet that is designed to flush efficiently with less water. 

Water conserving toilets are designed to use as much as 50 percent less water than a traditional toilet. This means an individual can save well over 4,000 gallons a year. There are several companies that offer these types of water saving flush toilets. An example of these toilets can be found at https://www.decorplanet.com/eco-friendly-toilets.

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  1. Alot of the newer toilets are eco friendly. Really now they do not sell many non eco friendly mdel. When it comes time to replace, that is good info.


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