12 January 2015

The Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

Many homeowners are turning to salt water options for their swimming pools and hot tubs. This often occurs due to chemical allergies and intolerance that exist in family members and friends. It is also easier to entertain when a purer option is available for guests. The maintenance for salt water hot tubs is far simpler than a traditional, chemical-based option.

Chemical Free

Chemicals are harsh on your skin, the environment and the filtration system of the hot tub. Chemicals also deteriorate the material in your hot tub attire. An option without chemicals, while maintaining a clean body of water to relax in is what you can expect from a salt water hot tub.

The salt creates a sanitary body of water and constantly cleans it as the filters and pumping systems recycle the water.

Better for the Skin

Salt water is better for keeping the skin properly hydrated. It also poses no potential for irritation. Salt water is cleansing.

Another benefit of salt water is that there are no feelings of slimy residue left on the skin after indulging in the soothing, hot water. Your skin is left feeling soft and uncompromised.

Easier to Maintain

With the only requirements for maintaining a salt water hot tub being filter replacements and purchasing bags of salt, the process is easier. It is also less costly. A simple pH test should be performed once per week while the hot tub remains in use. This just shows owners that bacteria is not present and that the proper balance exists.

This helps prevent algae from forming on the interior surfaces.

No Harm to the Environment

When you use salt water instead of a traditional setup, no harmful chemicals are released in the air. For those with asthma and other breathing disorders, inhaling fumes from the chemicals used for maintaining traditional systems can result in a flare up. Switching to a salt water system removes all of those potential harms from the immediate environment.

Making the decision to switch to a healthier water system for the home hot tub brings positive results. Anyone entering the water can enjoy their time relaxing without worrying about itching, burning and irritation from the chemicals. Those with delicate hair won't have to worry about a green tinge from chlorine. It is an overall better option that is safe for every member of the family, including the family dog.

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