18 December 2014

Building a Holiday Home? Consider These Ideas

At some stage on their holidays, nearly everybody lingers in the window of a local real estate agent, dreaming about buying their own little slice of paradise in their favorite destination. If you've actually taken the step towards making your dream a reality and are thinking about building a holiday home, you’ll find some handy hints and ideas below.

Make It Low Maintenance

Even if the end goal is to retire at your beach shack or country cabin, chances are it may be a number of years before you can spend more than a long weekend or couple of weeks’ leave at your holiday home. Even if it is an easy drive from your residence, nobody wants to be spending all of of their leisure time on maintenance. When you’re planning the design consider how much time you can realistically spend at the property and work with your builders to come up with a stylish but low maintenance option; most experienced and reputable construction companies like Coral Homes take a flexible approach to tailoring solutions to suit your lifestyle and plans for the property.

Make Some Money On It

Holiday houses aren't always the most savvy investment in terms of building your portfolio and wealth. Even so, it may be possible to make some money on your holiday house. There are a number of websites that specialize in holiday letting – most of them let you set availability well in advance which means you can block out dates when you know you have leave booked or want to spend a special occasion in the property. Even if you do intend to market the property in addition to listing it on holiday letting pages, make sure that you are able to comfortably afford repayments in case of extended vacancies.

Have A Flexible Layout

Think about how many people could potentially be using the house at any time and try to furnish it accordingly. While bunks are the obvious solution for maximizing beds, think about selecting a configuration like a double bed on the bottom, single on the top so that the room is as suitable for adults as it is for children. If you can, purchase sofas with pull out beds for the living areas – they may not be comfortable enough to sleep on for a fortnight, but are great to help you squeeze more people in over one or two nights if you’re hosting a celebration at your holiday house.

Having your own property to return to anytime you need a break from the daily grind is the ultimate dream of many people. If you’re on your way to making it a reality, being creative in how you configure the rooms and making sure you don’t have to spend every weekend working on the place will ensure that you have a wonderful space to create memories with your family and friends for years to come.

What tips would you give to someone building a holiday home?

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  1. One tip in building a 'holiday ' home is to figure out who wil be doing the upkeep when you arent there. In some climates it means mowing and plowing. In other climates t is preparing for disaster as hurricanes. It would take alot of thinking about


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