27 November 2014

5 Simple Hacks for Decorating the Outdoor Area

Since we spend so much time in the yard or on the patio, it makes sense that we want this outdoor area to be a pleasant place to look at and relax in. You don’t need to wait for the heat to turn up either - now is the perfect time to redecorate or upgrade your outdoor area. Below are five ways to make your exterior space more inviting, whether you’re having guests over for dinner or just a family lunch on a Sunday.

1. Upgrade Your BBQ

Why not swap your old barbecue for a younger, more attractive model? Modern barbecue sets are both effective at cooking up delicious food and aesthetically pleasing, making them suitable features for your outdoor area. A good looking BBQ that can please your eyes while exciting your taste buds – what’s not to love about that? To see some examples of contemporary BBQs, check out a retailer like Barbeques Galore.

2. Get Shady… in a Good Way

Protection from the sun and relief from the heat are both convincing reasons to add some shade to your outdoor area, but here’s a third one: it can look fantastic. The right table umbrella or shade cloth can completely change the overall look of your space. Plus, guests will be more able to appreciate your home’s exterior without the glare in their eyes!

3. Reflect on the Situation

Some of us don’t have the luxury of an expansive outdoor area and have to do the best we can with a more compact space. To maximize the appearance of your outdoor setting, consider placing a large mirror or two strategically. You’ll be astounded by how much difference this can make – even a quaint space will appear roomier with some reflective surfaces around.

4. Update Your Dining Set

For many outdoor areas, the dining table and chairs take center stage. With this in mind, it’s essential for a good-looking space that these items are contemporary and blend in well with the surrounding d├ęcor. If your dining set is rundown or outdated, upgrading this is a simple and easy way to modernize and refresh your entire outdoor area. If cash is a concern, a more affordable way of doing this is to swap your existing tablecloth, chair cushions, and dining accessories for newer, trendier ones.

5. A Pleasing Palette

Regardless of size or shape, the overall aesthetic of any outdoor area is largely determined by its colors. Matching furniture and decorative items with the colors of your plants and walls is important for creating a cohesive and balanced look to your exterior space. Be sure that the colors of small details complement the general palette of your area to ensure everything blends well. As this is outside, you may want to lean towards a palette containing greens, blues, and earthy colors, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to suit your personality and express your own style.

Are you feeling inspired? Use these tip and others of your own to decorate your outdoor setting to your heart’s content!

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