09 May 2014

Useful Baby Products that Make Things That Little Bit Easier

Handling a new baby can often be a nerve-wrecking job for first-time mums but even for experienced mothers, there’s no doubt that they can be a handful. But don’t fret, there’s no guide book on how to be a mum and everyone does things differently. Some of the products out there are a little confusing so there’s a little break down for a few of them that could make your life that bit easier.   

Stair Gates

Voted number one by most parents in a survey by Which?, the stair gate was found to be not only safe for crawling and walking infants but also useful so that you can keep track of where they are wandering. It’s best to get one that is durable and hard wearing, (as kids can give them a bit of tugging) and simple for you to open quickly.

A Top and Tail Bath

Like the notorious dummy, a top and tail bath is often in debate about its usefulness. Comprised of two separate bowls, you can use it to store water for the face (top) and bottom (tail) of your baby. The separation is for hygiene as well as difference in temperature as the water for the face might be slightly cooler than for the bum. Some people are happy to use two bowls but this handy bath saves hassle and cleaning time. You can find a range of top and tail bath included in many bath sets from wonderful stores like Lollipop Lane Limited.

Baby Sling

Baby slings might be the single most amazing invention on Earth. Actually, I’m sure people have been using them for thousands of years but now they've gotten so hi-tech and even more comfy. Carry your baby hands-free to the super market, while shopping for clothes, gardening or even while doing the housework. Some slings can also turn into back carriers as your child grows older. How useful?!

Baby Monitors

For safety, security and convenience, the audio monitor was a godsend to busy parents. Relax in front of the TV on an evening or have the radio on while washing up and you’ll be able to hear your baby if they ever make as much as a peep. Now you can even find a range of great video monitors for extra anti-paranoia powers.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of advice and products that are thrown your way when you have a baby. Take it all with a pinch of salt and just decide between you and your partner what you’re both most happy to go with.  

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