21 February 2014

How to Choose Gadgets For the Whole Family

With the wealth of technological options currently available on the market, it’s tough to choose a few key pieces to invest in. If you have a family, it can be even trickier to decide which gadgets are most suitable for everyone. Below are some simple tips to help you choose the best technology for your family.

Mobile Phones

It’s become commonplace for everyone to own a mobile phone now, but this doesn't mean that you should give in to pleas from you kids for the most expensive model on the market. Decide what your kids should be using their phone for and choose something that offers these features. If you don’t want them to be browsing the internet constantly or if you’re shelling out for their pay as you go contract, it’s probably best to avoid smartphones. Younger children particularly will be more than happy with mobile phones that have basic texting and calling functions. Don’t be afraid to say no to ‘pester power’. If the latest phone isn't within your budget, don’t buy it.

Laptops and Tablets

There are so many laptops and tablets on the market now that customers are spoiled for choice. If you’re thinking of investing in a new computer, make sure it has the features that you need. If you’re going to use the device portably, consider getting a tablet, a lightweight ultrabook or a two in one laptop that can turn into a tablet. For those with children who enjoy computer games, make sure you get a processor that has enough memory to cope with running games. If you’re interested in keeping your children safe while online, it’s worth looking into the kind of parental controls you can put in place. These can be altered in terms of sensitivity, as you may wish to block pornographic content, but allow your children to see sex education pages.

Organizing Your Gadgets

If your children have mobile phones, chances are that they will forget to charge them or lose their chargers. How many times have you asked your kids why their phone was off when you tried to call, and received the ‘my phone was out of battery’ excuse? You can eliminate this by making everyone’s charger easy to recognize, with vinyl decals that can be stuck to the plug end. You can purchase these inexpensively and even have them personalized with the names of family members. There are other options to the traditional wall socket charger too; including the rechargeable charger on micro USB sticks, like those available from Energenie.


  1. My son is 13 and he has a ton of gadgets, most of which his grandma bought for him. He has a LG smartphone and I don't have a cell phone at all. I hope to get a smartphone later this year.

  2. HAHA HA, I guess I am a mean momma. When i began hearing the excuses "My phone was Dead" My daughter had to turn her phone over to me for a few days. The purpose of it, is so that I can contact her. If I cant because its dead, she loses it. Then it became the fact that it was on silent all the time and she missed the call. Same thing, I get the phone. No sense on it being silent, especially since she doesnt go anywhere,

  3. I have one three smartphone and have gave them all to the kids and I still carry an old LG flip phone LOL

  4. I have won three smart phones and have gave them all to the kids, I still carry an old LG flip phone...LOL

  5. i love Apple everything for everyone. its great!


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