31 December 2013

What about the carpet pad? #HomeImprovement

You have decided to get new carpet, and you want to shop now for the pattern you have selected. New decisions make people eager to put their plans into action. There is something you have forgotten, though. What about the carpet pad? You put on your breaks momentarily because you realize you know nothing about buying carpet pads or why you need one. Here is an overview to help you with this decision. 

One of the major reasons to purchase a carpet pad is that is will extend the life of your carpet. It protects your investment. As a cushion, the carpet pad decreases pile crushing that is inevitable with a lot of foot traffic. According to some experts, a pad can extend the life of the carpet by as much as 50 percent. That alone is enough reason to purchase one.

Carpet pads also help the cart absorb sound and insulate the floor against cold air. Of course, the carpet does some of this, but many carpet installations are done with material that is far more porous than carpet pads are. The density of carpet pads is a perfect shield. 

Despite this density, the carpet pad can also act to help the flow of air beneath the carpet. If there is no carpet pad there, the carpet is in direct contact with the subflooring system and cannot breathe. This sometimes causes moisture, which leads to mold and mildew. Some carpet manufacturers will not offer you a warranty for your carpet unless you agree to install a carpet pad. 

When selecting your carpet pad, you should choose one that has 6- to 8-pound density ratio. What you choose depends on the firmness you want for your carpet. An 8-pound density pad is firmer and will help your carpet last longer, but a 6-pound pad is a softer cushion. Your preference matters, but your manufacturer's warranty for your carpet should be your guide. Sometimes, you void the warranty is you do not select the density the manufacturer suggests.

You should make sure your pad is made from polyurethane and not urethane if your carpet is planned for high-traffic areas. Urethane stays compressed and is suitable for carpets with a life span of less than three years. Also, choose carpet pads made from synthetic materials that resist moisture and last longer. Once you checked for all of these qualities and have found the perfect carpet pad, you can get back to the excitement about your new carpet.


  1. We actually got the 10lb memory foam and I like it. I was worried about the kids and the concrete basement so this softens the blow nicely. Never even knew that our carpet, which is stainmaster had a warranty.

  2. Thanks for the information about the carpet padding. I didn't know what the differences were between the different ones. This will be very useful. And I had no clue that the pad could void the warranty!

  3. learned something new today--thanks for sharing..


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