24 December 2013

Toys and Gifts: How Much Is Too Much?

As a parent, it is natural to want to provide the best of everything for your children. This is especially apparent in terms of gifts and presents. Whatever the occasion, we are often guilty of overspending and buying our children more than they need. Every year, there are unwanted items and toys that never end up being played with, so why not cut down on your gift-giving.

Less is More

Research shows that if children have an endless amount of toys, they actually spend less time playing. It is also less likely that they will use their own imagination and invent their own games. There are many advantages when it comes to keeping gifts to a minimum. Children with many toys often have shorter attention spans as they don’t have to stick with one plaything for any meaningful length of time. Having fewer toys to play with can make other activities like family walks and other outdoor activities seem more appealing.

Educational Benefits

Your children might be desperate to own a new games console or tablet, but think carefully before you give in to their demands. Time spent on the Xbox or PlayStation is often solitary and does not help children form friendships or interact with others. If children are mostly playing with electronic gadgets, they don’t have to use their imaginations and often become uninterested in pursuits like reading, playing sports, practicing an instrument or drawing. Gifts that are designed to boost creativity such as the Newton’s Cradle are ideal for children and you can find them online from somewhere like The Discovery Store.

Personal Qualities

Having a fewer toys can boost desirable personal qualities in your children, as they will learn to take care of what they do have better and really value the gifts they are given. By reducing the number of gifts you give you also demonstrate to your children that asking for something does not automatically mean that they will receive it.

Involve Them in the Present Purge

If you want to get rid of some clutter in the form of outgrown toys or unwanted presents, don’t forget to involve your children in this process. When you decide to have a clear out, ask your children for their opinion and let then decide which ones should stay and which ones should go. This enables them to learn the art of decision making from a young age and will ensure that they feel included.

Take Your Own Advice

Being a great parent is often about setting a good example for your children and practising what you preach. If you want to teach your children the benefits of having fewer toys, it is wise to limit purchases for yourself too. If a child sees you constantly glued to the screen of a new gadget, it is likely that they will want to behave in the same way. 


  1. i grew up along with my brothers and sisters not having much even when we got older and our parents and us got better off we were taught its not about recieving gifts but to give christmas is not about presents but christs birth.

  2. i know every year we try to give alot of gifts we want to give more to our kids then what our parents could give to us when we are kids i had 3 sisters and 1 brother their was 5 of us i have 2 kids but it does seem hard to do this every year. i want the kids to know that it isnt what we get foir christmas it is about christ and being with the people we love


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