27 December 2013

Family Road Trips Made Simple

Whether you’re planning a big road trip getaway or are making a journey to visit family or friends, a great deal of time spent in a confined space like a car or an airplane row with cranky kids can be a parent’s worst nightmare. There will inevitably be spills and spats and probably a few tears along the way, but your family road trip can actually be a valuable opportunity for you to spend quality time with your children.

Planning Ahead

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for any type of long journey. Your forward planning should always include a backup plan, just in case something prevents you from reaching your destination. It’s a good idea to take an old fashioned paper map in addition to any satellite navigation system in case you move out of signal range. If you’re using electronic equipment to keep the kids entertained, make sure you charge your devices the night before you travel. It’s always good to have spare batteries, kitchen roll and wet wipes on hand.

Traveling with Babies

Your baby may have never traveled before, or they may already be well practiced at navigating time zones. But no matter how much your baby is accustomed to being ‘on the road’, there’s still the possibility that they may not appreciate being out of their comfort zone. Including a fully supportive travel system can help with this anxiety, particularly if it’s one you use on a regular basis at home. Britax Excelsior UK offer a great travel system which can be broken down into component parts, for maximum ease when travelling. If you’re in the car, try to plan your trip around your baby’s regular nap hours, stopping for breaks when your little one wakes up hungry and travelling when they are sleeping.


No matter how old, or young, your children are, their behavior will be affected by the levels of boredom they experience whilst travelling. Apart from the vast increase in the number of other travelers, which can often make negotiating travel systems (like airports or trains) more difficult, the weather also plays a large part in determining how pleasurable – or achievable – your journey will be. So make sure to include some travel packs and games for your kids, which they themselves can be responsible for. Coloring books and puzzles are a good choice, as these will offer hours of easy entertainment for restless youngsters.


  1. thanks for the tips we will be traveling this summer

  2. Good tips. This must have been taken awhile ago your kids are grown up so much! Road trips are a good way to bond.


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