16 December 2013

Family Healthcare Chat: Going to the Dentist

When an individual moves to a new city one of the first things he or she does is to find a dentist to visit. Most people who are searching for a dental professional want to find someone who possesses several important qualities. One of those qualities is experience. The professional should have years of experience helping patients with a variety of dental issues. The person can identify a patient's dental problem right away and knows what to do about it. This helps to put new patients at ease with the process. Here are some other common qualities that people look for when searching for a new dental professional.

Most people want someone who offers a lot of different procedures. A professional who is able to handle emergencies as well as perform regular cleanings is of tremendous value to a patient. The person doesn't have to look for a different dental professional every time an issue comes up. The individual can go to one professional for all of his or her dental needs.

Another desirable quality is understanding and compassion. Some people are very hesitant about visiting a dental office. For example, it may be a child who has never visited a dentist's office before. Or, it may be an adult who once had a bad experience and has not seen a dental professional for years. A true professional understands the reluctance of some patients and knows how to help them relax. A good experience at a dentist's office can help a person to be more calm when his or her next appointment day arrives.

Most people look for someone who is affordable. The person wants to be able to get regular check-ups or other services without having to break the budget. A reputable dental professional is honest about his or her charges and is up front about the cost of all services.

Finally, most people who are looking for a new dentist's office search for one that has an inviting atmosphere. He or she knows that if the person goes to the trouble of setting up a pleasant office, that professional is serious about giving patients the best possible service. In addition, a reputable dental professional will have a courteous staff of people who are glad to explain procedures and help make a patient's visit go as smoothly as possible. They are polite in-person as well as on the phone.


  1. I definitely agree with you! It is hard to find a good dentist!

  2. (Family Healthcare Chat: Going to the Dentist) I just recently went myself to the dentist, have to admit I have not been there in awhile. But he got me all caught up on all that needed to be done.

  3. We just found a dentist we like here where we live.
    Linda Finn

  4. Yes having a dentist that is compassionate is a big plus! Especially if you have had a bad experiance!

  5. Yes having a dentist that is compassionate is a big plus! Especially if you have had a bad experiance!

  6. I haven't been to a doctor in over 30 years and cannot afford health insurance.

  7. Also, make sure that your dentist fully understands your child's allergies, especially those to dairy (casein), gluten (in most polishing agents), and epinephrine (often included in Novocaine and other types of anesthesia. And please do your research on the dangers of fluoride treatments and amalgam fillings (which contain about 50% mercury).


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