31 December 2013

Are you seeking an Iowa workers compensation lawyer?

If you or someone you know sustained an injury on the job, you understand how challenging things might become when trying to receive compensation to pay for those injuries. When you need help in such matters, finding an Iowa workers compensation lawyer is the first step you should take to avoid any errors that might prevent your being awarded with what is rightfully yours as a loyal and valued employee. 

It is important that you do plenty of research when looking for a good workers compensation attorney. Make a list of the characteristics that you need to help you win your case. One of the first things you should find out about lawyers that you are researching is whether they offer a free consultation before you make any commitments. Often a consultation will give the lawyer all that they need to decide whether you have a winnable case, how long you have to work and wait for your compensation and how you will proceed. 

Look for an Iowa-based workers compensation lawyer with a long history in the field. More importantly, look at your prospective lawyer's overall experience in terms of wins and the amount of compensation they achieve for their clients, as well as what type of fees they charge. Some of the other experience you might seek in your attorney include work with social security disability, automobile injury and personal injury. 

Your lawyer will work with you to help you understand that workers compensation insurance is something that your employer pays into for the very situation in which you find yourself when you have a work-related injury. The state requires your employer to carry and continually pay for this type of insurance to stay in compliance and good standing. This insurance covers situations where you might become ill or injured due to work situations and when you are temporarily or permanently disabled. In extreme cases, if you are fatally injured during your work duties, your family will benefit from your workers compensation insurance. 

In spite of differing coverage between states and how each one works, some of the basic services covered by workers compensation insurance include medical, surgical, dental and hospital services. Chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, hearing aid services and vision services might also be covered under workers compensation insurance. Your workers compensation lawyer will find out everything for which you are eligible in your workers compensation case in Iowa. 


  1. Luckily in my 65 years I've never needed a comp. lawyer. You make good points on choosing one.

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