18 November 2013

Getting the Royal Spa Treatment for Any Budget

There are so many different ways you can treat yourself to a spa day, you should never have to worry about money or the lack thereof preventing you from getting the mental and body recharge you need. With many cities and towns boasting fantastic day spas, hundreds of spa resorts and hotels along the coasts as well as scattered all across the country, and fast and easy DIY spa treatments, you can get the experience you want no matter your budget.

DIY: Pure Summer Spritzer {source: LiveLoveSpa}

Homemade Spa Remedies

Giving yourself a spa day at home is as easy as mixing up an aromatic skin rub, finding a quiet and peaceful part of your house, and commencing with the pampering. There are many tried and true recipes on the Internet and in spa centered books that you can make easily using inexpensive ingredients. Soaps, lotions, and exfoliants can all be made at home and used for do-it-yourself spa days.

A good place to start is with a sugar or salt based body scrub. These scrubs can be used once or twice a week to gently remove dead skin and cleanse pores. Often mixed using essential oils they can provide an invigorating experience for your skin combined with relaxing aromatherapy. Since salt and sugar dissolve in water, you do not need to worry about clogging your drains.

If you have a special someone, you can make an evening of it and take turns giving each other a home spa treatment. It is a great way to spend a date night and as good as an online therapy session.

Day Spas

The next step up in cost is visiting a day spa. These are often very affordable and can offer a large menu of services to choose from. They may even have special promotional deals where you can get a better price on services when bought together with other treatments or by referring a friend. If you want a traditional spa treatment experience without spending a fortune, a day spas is definitely the place to go.

Many cities offer a choice of spas with a wide variety of services. To find the best spa for your needs, check out an online spa guide or read the reviews written by locals. By doing that, you can get a better idea of what you will be getting for your money and how well people liked the services.

Vacation Resorts

If you can afford it, going to a vacation resort spa can be the ultimate experience in luxury and relaxation. There you can be immersed in a world that is completely devoted to making you feel and look like royalty. You may be surprised by how affordable many larger resorts are. You can also get great deals if you book a hotel room and a spa package together. If you have been saving for the end-all spa treatment then you should splurge on something extravagant. Try something you have never tried before: a new type of massage, colorful nails, a hair wrap. Do not forget to plan time specifically for resting and relaxing. One of the best things about far away resorts is that they make a full spa day possible without outside distractions or worries.


  1. I am a firm believer that every woman should schedule a little pampering time. Doing it at home eliminates the cost factor for a lot of ladies. Thanks for the cool tips!

  2. I make sure I have a monthly pampering day. I get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed and I feel like a new person. It feels so good to go all by myself and I have my phone turned off too.

  3. Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Recipes would have been great! I love pampering myself. :)

  6. I would love to be able to pamper myself specially during the Holiday season when I am very stressed.

  7. I definitely need more pampering these days. Who wouldn't want this?!


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