20 August 2013

The Toyota Venza Crossover

The Toyota Venza was well-received in the crossover family by critics. The vehicle has earned multiple safety recognitions by multiple entities. Consumer ratings rank the vehicle as a 4.8 out of 5.0 for all-around performance. From handling to the spacious interior, the Toyota has much to offer.


Front and all-wheel drive versions of the Venza are available and automatic transmission comes standard in all models. The braking system offers smooth handling. It hugs the curves gently, effortlessly tackling subtle and sharp curves. Some have compared the performance to its passenger car counterpart, the Toyota Camry. The smart technology gauges whether or not all wheels are turning appropriately to measure proper traction.

Fuel economy

The Venza is truly a leader in its class. It outperforms other crossover vehicles in its class in gas mileage. The vehicle gets between 20 miles per gallon in the city and reaches an impressive 26 miles per gallon on major roadways, which is no small feat for a crossover vehicle.

Seating and space

Most who test-drive the vehicle are pleasantly surprised by the spacing of the vehicle. In the cabin, there is sufficient space provided for small items in the storage compartments of the cabin. The climate-controlled cabin seats five comfortably. Rear cargo area offers commendable storage space for stowing items of all sizes.

Drivers curious about the driving experience should stop by their local dealer for themselves. Any additional questions about the affordable vehicle can be answered at a dealer. Details about savings, offers, maintenance discounts. Venza crossover deals and other perks are provided at the dealer's location.


  1. I'll keep an eye out for this one, I'm actually going car shopping with a friend this weekend!

  2. I love toyota's,they are very reliable but expensive.
    Lynn M

  3. Going to have to check this out when my lease is over. My pathfinder is a gas guzzler

  4. We have had a few Toyotas over the years and have always had great luck with them. They last a long time and have had few repairs. I'll have to check this model out.

  5. I have never owned a Toyota but I have heard great things, This sounds like an economical vehicle.

  6. I have always been a fan of Toyota. I bought their FJ a few years back and then their Corolla. I loved the FJ but gas was a huge issue. I love to camp on the beach and it fit my lifestyle then. I travel so much, so I bought the Corolla too but gas mileage was not as good as I hoped. This looks nice and it might be time to add a new one to my family, lol


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