28 May 2013

Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit

Anyone concerned about the importance of safe driving understands the dangers of talking on a cell phone in the car. For drivers, speaking on a cell phone means that they are less able to drive defensively. After all, a driver who is holding a phone won't have both hands on the wheel and may be less likely to toss the phone to grab the wheel in an emergency situation. 

This makes driving while on the phone quite difficult. It is so difficult, in fact, that many states and military bases now have laws requiring drivers to use hands-free devices while driving. For many drivers, hands-free driving means using a headset in the car. Others, though, want even more freedom. 

For drivers who want the ability to speak freely in their vehicle, as well as other benefits of driving hands-free, it is time to consider Bluetooth. The Parrot Bluetooth car kit at AmericanSecurityCo.com offers drivers the chance to enjoy all the perks of a hands-free car environment. 

In addition to using Bluetooth for driving, drivers can also enjoy the use of streaming music on their phone but listening to it through car speakers. There are many other added benefits of Bluetooth, so whether a driver wants it for pleasure or for safety, Bluetooth is the way to go and the Parrot car kit makes it possible.


  1. I keep getting impressed by all the great products out there. I never heard of Parrot and I will be investigating further whether this will be something I would buy

  2. Well, I got the Parrot and I am thrilled with it. Thank you so much for bringing this product to my attention...

  3. This does sound like a great way to stay safe. I like that you can stream music as well.

  4. never heard of this i will have to check this out


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