11 February 2013

Schluter Kerdi Banding

When starting a new tile, pipe or stone installation project, a good tool to have at your disposal is Schluter Kerdi Banding. This material, or any products containing Schluter Kerdi, will help ensure that you are far less likely to experience leaks and water damage.

A waterproof and bonded membrane, Kerdi banding products made up of polyethylene, a common soft plastic. This plastic is then covered on both sides by fleece webbing that allows it to stay in place without sliding or slipping.

Since tiles, stone tiles and stone work in general are often subject to being placed in a spot where water damage is a real possibility, such as tiles in the bathroom and stone tiles in the kitchen, it is important to place a buffer between the foundation flooring and the tiles and stones that you are installing. Your tiled shower walls will be far less subject constant water damage, mold and mildew. Additionally, Schluter Kerdi Banding products will help hold your tiles in place for the long haul.

Once you learn how to install tiles directly onto the base layer of Kerdi products, you will find it simple and will be able to repeat the process over and over. Using the thin-bed or trowel-applied method are the best ways to set your tiles in place.

Other places where Schluter Kerdi Banding can be used are in public bathrooms and shower areas, swimming pool decks, steam rooms and other rooms and spaces prone to moisture and water damage.

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