14 February 2013

DIY ~ Frozen Pipe Toronto

A mid-winter case of frozen pipes can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a near-catastrophe, depending on the degree of freezing and a variety of factors involved with their subsequent thawing.

What you need with a frozen pipe Toronto issue is an established plumbing company that can be there to help you work through the problem by incurring the least damage to your pipes and the areas around your pipes. When you know you are in for some sub-zero temperatures at night, there is only so much you can do to stave off the freezing process of the water inside.

If you have done your best to prevent freezing, or if you were away from home and unable to prepare, there are plumbers in the Toronto area who can help you prevent further damage, especially if you call in the reinforcements as soon as possible. Once you have done some basic research on Toronto plumber rates and find Priority Plumbing & Drains, you will know that you are putting your home's plumbing in reliable and responsible hands.

Priority can help determine the extent of the problem, as far as whether you are experiencing a partial stoppage from freezing or something on a larger scale, which may indicate a frozen water meter. The team of technicians from Priority Plumbing can begin to assess your specific situation and begin the process of thawing the pipes or water meter of your home so you do not suffer any additional damage or inconvenience.


  1. We had frozen pipes only once. Luckily they didn't burst.Now we use heat tape when the temperature will be below freezing.

  2. Great post.I'm not in Toronto, but I think we have plumbers here too lol :)


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