10 January 2013

How to Enjoy Your Family Trips This Winter

Whether your family will be driving to visit grandparents, friends, or extended family, chances are you will be making at least one long drive this winter. While it may be cold outside, it is always worth the trip knowing that you will eventually at a safe and warm destination with people you care about. That does not mean, though, that long car rides with children are always easy or pleasant. Here are a few tips to make your time driving a little more enjoyable.

Activities for Kids
Before the trip, make sure your kids have an activity for the car that they will really enjoy. If it is something they are excited about, they will focus more on playing or reading and less on asking how much longer until you get there. You can even let your kids pick out a game or toy as part of this year’s gifts. Making sure they have a way to stay occupied is the first step to ensure a more pleasant time in the car.

Iowa Mom Vacation 2012. Quick Stop Sightseeing.

Add in Quick Stops
Especially for long trips, break up the driving time by making quick stops. Although these could be for a meal or to get gas, why not stop at a more interesting place along the way? Visiting a local landmark or museum will give your kids something to look forward to, and it means a nice break from driving for you.

Bring Snacks
There’s nothing worse on a long trip than unhappy, hungry children. Make sure you bring some essential snacks that will not go bad, such as water, juice boxes, fruit snacks, and granola bars. By keeping your kids full and satisfied, everyone in the car will be happier.

Safety First
In case anything goes wrong while driving, prepare beforehand to make sure your family stays safe. Have your brakes, oil, and wipers checked if possible. You can also sign up for a motor club, which is not only a great way to get travel resources, discounts, and other membership benefits, but a way to get emergency roadside assistance should you ever need it. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the road and miss out on time with family and friends.

By taking the time to prepare for long drives, you will arrive at your destination safely and soundly. No matter where you are headed, make the drive there a little more special this winter.

Lindsay T. is a staff writer for Allstate Motor Club, an auto club that provides emergency roadside assistance and a variety of other travel services. Visit Allstate Motor Club for more on travel deals, driving resources and membership information.

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