08 January 2013

5 Must-Have Makeup Products For Winter

You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to create a look that will turn up the heat on a cold winter day. You simply need to have the right products in your cosmetic arsenal. Here are 5 must-have makeup products that will keep you looking fashionable and festive all winter long.

1. Moisturizer

During the winter months when the air is colder and showers become hotter, it is more important than ever to keep your skin moisturized. Look for moisturizing products that contain natural ingredients such as chamomile, cucumber or even grapefruit as they work wonders for rejuvenating dull, lifeless skin. And don’t skip the SPF! You might think this is only important in the summer, but when the sun’s UV rays are reflected off of the snow they can be even more damaging.  Try to avoid products that contain retinol or hyaluronic during the winter months. While these ingredients and can reduce the appearance of fine lines, they can also be extremely drying. If you are currently using anti-aging products with such ingredients, give your skin a break for a few months and resume use when the temperature warms up. 

2. Primer 

This is one product that many women overlook, but it is probably the most important. Primer is the key to achieving a flawless face. It will refine pores and evens out your skin tone, minimizing red blotchy spots from dry, chapped skin. When you use a primer, you will notice that all of your makeup will go on more evenly and will remain in place for a longer period of time. When used with the right foundation, primer will give you a perfect complexion every day.

3. Foundation

When choosing foundation, remember that the goal is to find a shade that matches your skin not make your face look tanner. The transition between your face and your neck should be seamless. If you find that your face is lacking color and looking a little pasty as the winter months drag on and on, you can always apply a bronzer to give it little sun-kissed glow. Not too much, though, as you don’t want it to compete with the next must-have product on our list: metallic eyeshadow.

4. Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic eyeshadow was a must-have product last season and remains so this season. It is available in a variety of colors ranting from iridescent white to sparkling amethyst. During the day, look for sheer shades. When you are glamming it up for a night out, however, the bolder the better!  Either way, you will want to look for products that are made from finely milled shimmer rather than chunky pieces of glitter. This will keep the look sophisticated rather than childish.

5. Bold Nail Polish

During the winter, nail polish is not only a must-have beauty product, but can also be considered a must-have accessory. Wrists are often covered up with long sleeves, making it difficult to see bracelets, bangles or watches. Instead, accentuate your hands (which should also be moisturized on a daily basis) with a bold color of nail polish. Beauty experts advise never to wear the same color of nail polish as your dress or your lipstick. Instead, look for contrasting colors. This is a great place to play around and have fun.  Holiday reds with a bit of shimmer are always a classic choice, but this year’s hottest colors include duo-chrome metallic s, gunmetal grey or even cornflower blue. When choosing bold colors such as these it is usually best to keep your nails shorter in length.  

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