27 July 2019

Keeping the Faith During Difficult Times

It's easy to keep the faith during the good times. When things are going your way, the skies are brighter, life is more colorful, and you are more than willing to give credit to your faith. Having faith is more difficult during bad times, though. When life has you down, it can be tempting to forget all the good things in life and leave your faith behind, but that often just makes the time more difficult. Check out these tips for keeping the faith when things get tough.

Keeping the Faith During Difficult Times

Read a Religious Text

When you're feeling down about life, try reading the Bible or another religious text that speaks to you through hard times. When you meditate on religious word, you'll often find answers you seek about rough situations. Don't just read the words, though. Take them in with intent. Consider whether the tough time you're going through is something you can change and need to worry about or something you must simply experience and move on from. Putting the situation into perspective is often a good way to make it through hard times.

Go to Church Regularly

When times are stressful, it is often tempting to skip "non-essential" responsibilities, such as heading to church at least once a week. However, that can make the time even more difficult to go through, especially if you don't have a strong support system at home. When you attend religious services regularly, you gain perspective, not to mention a support system. The sermons will often help you find clarity or closure in your situation. Even if they don't pertain to you directly, just the act of being around other people who have faith can help you feel heard and get through hard times more easily.

Pray Hard and Often

For many people of faith, praying is a way to feel heard, a soft of therapy without having to speak to another person. Whether you do it in the morning, before bed at night, on the commute to work, or at some other time of day that is convenient for you, praying is essential for getting through tough times. Speak to God about your problems, telling of the situation and asking for guidance not only about how to handle the situation but how to get through it with peace of mind. Be sure to be thankful for your blessings during prayer time as well, as it will help you keep a more positive mindset.

Listen to Faith Music

Music has long been proven as a therapy method and is even used in world-renowned therapists' offices. You don't need to book an appointment for music therapy, though. Turn on some of your favorite music of faith, whether it is traditional gospel or Christian rock, and sing or dance along as you try to rid yourself of any negative feelings related to the tough times you're living through. Are you in the market for new faith music? Check out the performances uploaded on YouTube by The Way International. You'll find all types of faith-based music here and may even discover a new favorite.

Above all else, remember that hard times don't last forever. Even if things feel hopeless right now, it's only a matter of a few weeks or days until things are back on track. Hold your head high, keep your faith in your religion, and you are likely to feel much better very soon.

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