04 May 2019

Baseball Rules for Beginners + Franklin Sports Giveaway

There are several basic rules of play in baseball. These rules remain constant throughout the game of baseball, although they may differ slightly from one league to another.

There are also some unspoken rules other than rules of play involved in the game of baseball, and those involve good sportsmanship.

Getting your youngster involved in baseball is an age-old tradition where the rules of the game and rules of good sportsmanship and teamwork also come into play.

Team Members

A baseball game consists of two teams competing against one another to see who can score the most runs. Defensively speaking, there is a pitcher, a catcher, a first, second, and third baseman. There is the position known as shortstop, playing the infield, while the left, center, and right fielder play the outfield. The main goal of the opposing team is get up at bat and score runs.

Duration of Game

Typically, a game of baseball is to last nine innings, with both teams having a chance at bat to score runs. Each team has the opportunity to get at bat and to play the field. When each team makes three outs (see below), the teams then switch positions on the field. A baseball game for youth baseball may consist of fewer innings, while an adult game of baseball may go into more innings to settle the score until one team comes out victorious.

Three Strikes You’re Out

When the pitcher pitches, a strike is called if the batter does not swing when the ball is in the strike zone, fails to connect with the ball, or fouls the ball out. Three strikes and the batter is called out.

A total of four pitches where a ball is thrown erratically outside of the strike zone is known as a walk.

Out Field

If a ball is hit on the playing field, then the opposing team has the opportunity to keep players from scoring runs. Once the ball hits the field, the players on the field can scoop up the ball and toss it to whatever base they deem necessary to keep a runner from scoring or advancing. If the ball is hit into the air and a fielder catches the ball, the ball is an out.

Home Runs

The field is based on the shape of a triangle and bases are diamond shaped. The idea is for the batter to hit the ball and put it into play in such a way that the batter can advance to each base. If a runner is already on base, the batter has the opportunity to advance that runner as well.

The team with the most runs is the winning team.


As in any sport, the rules of sportsmanship are unspoken but need reminding every now and again. Congratulating the winning team and keeping negative comments to oneself are integral parts of fair play.

These are just some of the basic rules of play when beginning baseball.

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