12 March 2019

Safety Tips For Traveling With Kids

Our children are our greatest responsibility, and when traveling it can be a stressful experience if we are not ready for the unexpected. With years of travel under our belt, we are glad to share our Safety Tips For Traveling With Kids to help ease your fears. Not only are these great for planning ahead, they will give you confidence and remove the fears as you do hit the road with your children.

Safety Tips For Traveling With Kids

Always Have Current Picture On Hand. While you are planning to prevent any issues, you never know what can happen on the road. A simple separation in an airport can be scary, but easily handled if you have a current picture to show to authorities. We recommend snapping a picture with your cell phone each day so the outfit your kids are wearing will be updated and easy to share as needed in an emergency.

Teach Kids About Stranger Danger. No matter how young or old your child is, it is always important to talk to them about strangers. While a friendly face and smile after hours waiting in an airport can be welcome, there are limits everyone should understand. Teach your kids to never share their name, destination or other information with a stranger.

Include Emergency Contact Information In Their Bags & On Them. Your teens may think it is goofy or weird, but printing out a simple sheet with emergency contact information (yours and someone back home), their names, ages and information on who to contact should they be found is a great idea. We always slip one into the front pocket of our sons suitcase and carry on bag if we are flying. When we are out and about, he carries a hip pack or backpack with it in a pocket just in case.

Always Travel With Proper Child Restraints. Whether you are taking a flight or riding in a car, proper child restraints are important. It may seem like a hassle to pack and carry with you, but their safety is important.

Always Go With Kids To The Bathroom. In busy restaurants, airports, gas stations or theme parks bathrooms can be crowded and easy to get lost or disoriented in. Kids of all ages should always have a buddy system with a parent or older sibling so they are never going to the bathroom alone. It may seem inconvenient, but their safety is a priority.

Teach Respect Before Traveling. This may seem out of place and more like something you would find on a parenting site, but it is very important to teach your children respect and manners before you take them out on a vacation where they will be interacting with strangers. Basic manners of please and thank you will go a long way with other travelers. Respect for others, learning to be quiet inside buildings or airplanes and nipping the whining in the bud should all be taught before you hit the road. The middle of an airplane on a long flight is not the time to decide to teach your son or daughter about “inside voices”. Work on these basic things before you intend to travel so your trip will be pleasant not only for you, but for those around you. Gentle reminders are all that should be needed along the way. (Yes we do understand that some kids have sensory issues and triggers that will cause some disruption. This is a simple reminder to be mindful of those around you.)

Traveling with your children can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Watching them see new things for the first time will bring joy to you as well. Putting these safety tips for traveling with kids into place will give you peace of mind that allows you to relax and enjoy the time you spend with them on the road.

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