10 January 2019

Getting Organised This Year? The Steps To Take

Many people are in the prices of making plans and goals for the year ahead. A new year can be a huge motivator to make some changes in your life, kick old habits and make new ones. Organisation could be one of your goals. When it comes to the house and being a mom, we can often feel overwhelmed by everything that we have to do each day. So if getting organised is high on your priority list then here are some of the steps that you can take to help you get on track.

Getting Organised This Year? The Steps To Take

Minimize your home

When it comes to your home, you may feel like your biggest issue is the amount of stuff that you have. Especially at this time of year, you can feel overwhelmed because of the influx of things you may have in your home after Christmas. It may be time to start decluttering and minimizing the things in your home. Helping you to organise and feel more in control of the things that you have. A great tip would be to try the Konmari method from Marie Kondo.

Plan ahead

Planning will always help you to feel more organised and there are so many areas in your life you could do it. You can plan appointments and other things like appliance services in your diary ahead of time. Looking into ac companies ahead of summer, or thinking about getting your boiler regularly serviced to avoid heating issues in the winter. Planning could also be saved for your day to day life, including things like meal planning and looking at your week ahead to understand what needs to be done.

Create a cleaning schedule

Cleaning your home may feel like a big task. However, once you start decluttering you may find that your home is much more manageable. Combine that with the creation of a cleaning schedule that fits around your life and you will start to notice a huge difference in your home. It could even free up more time to do the things you want to do.

Have a planner or diary for life

If you want to be more organised, then you need some from of planner or diary to help you stay accountable. Some people prefer to write in a diary whereas others like the idea of using their phones and syncing diaries with other members of the family. A diary will help you stay accountable for things like asp-ointments and also other yearly events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Get on top of your budget

Finally, organisation can also mean taking the time to stay on top of budgets in your home. If you are organised in this area, then you can feel like everything else can be handled. It is about knowing when builds need to be paid and the things that you need to do to stay in the black and not get into debts. It could also help you focus on the areas where you need to pay debts off or make some savings. Your planner could help you do this.

Let’s hope these steps help you on your way to a more organised life this year.

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