24 August 2018

Tea, Time and Thoughts: How to Care for Your Elderly Family Members

You always used to rely on your parents for everything when you were little. You looked up to them so much and thought they always had the answers to all of your questions. Now that they are getting considerably older you have noticed a change in them; they are quiet, withdrawn and a little needier too. You do everything you can to keep your kids healthy so what about your parents? You realize it is now your responsibility to take care of them and make sure they always have everything they need. Caring for an elderly family member can be a daunting task, but often all it takes is a little bit of time, some thought and an occasional cup of tea.

Find Professional Care

Seeking out support from experts in care might just take the strain off you, especially if your elderly relatives have special health needs that are concerning to you. There are many senior care services out there who can visit their home daily, give them company, medication and even ensure they have meals cooked for them. Look around your local area and see if you have any services that could benefit your family.

Tea, Time and Thoughts: How to Care for Your Elderly Family Members

Factor Them Into Your Day

Are you popping to the shops? Going to a doctor’s appointment close by to their house? Calling in for a quick chat and a check up with them is the best way for you to make sure they are okay. If they live further away than this you might have to plan special visits, but make sure you organise this with them in advance so that they know you are popping round.

A Cup of Tea Could Mean the World to Them

It is true that loneliness can damage your health, so imagine what a quick cup of tea could do for your parents. Perhaps one of your parents recently passed away and you are worried about the other being lonely; simply stopping by for a cuppa would make their day so consider doing this more often.

Research Local Groups

If you are worried about one of your parents getting lonely, then there are some amazing support groups out there that can help get the elderly out there and socialising. Perhaps your local church holds a coffee morning once a week or there is a flower arranging club your mother has always wanted to join. There is bound to be a group to suit their needs so try and encourage them to get out there and meet new people.

You never want your parents to feel lonely or isolated in their old age so now is the time to go that extra mile for them. You realize that you can’t do everything for them, but just a helping hand now and then would really go a long way. Whether you need to look into professional care for the long term or you find a local support group for them to visit, you can make a huge difference to their quality of life. So take the time, put in some thought and drink lots of tea with your parents; it will truly mean the world to them.

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