03 July 2018

How to Set Boundaries & Rules When It Comes to Your Teen’s Driving

At some point, you may need to teach your teenager how to drive. It is an important skill that will allow your son or daughter to be more independent. However, it is also a skill that can take time to learn, which means that you should set boundaries for when and where they are able to drive.

No Unapproved Passengers Allowed
Ideally, the only passengers who will be in the car with your child are siblings or other family members. For instance, your child should be allowed to bring a younger brother or sister to school or drive you to work if necessary. If your child is going to drive with friends, you should set a limit as to how many people can be in the car at one time. This can work to limit the potential distraction that a young driver may not be ready to deal with.

Don’t Let Them Drive Alone in Inclement Weather
While your teen driver will have to learn how to drive in rain or snow eventually, you should be in the car as they do so. Unless your son or daughter is going to drive a short distance, they should not be allowed to drive alone during a major rain, snow or ice event.

Teach Proper Phone Use While Driving
It is no secret that teenagers love to use their phones. This is often true even while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Parents should be sure that their children either turn their phones off while driving or use an app that limits their ability to make calls or receive messages while driving. Most major phone companies offer some sort of service that limits how the phone can be used.

Limit the Hours During Which They Can Drive
Many states do not allow teen drivers to be on the road at night unless they are coming home from work. Even if state law doesn’t restrict a teen from driving at night, you should as a concerned parent. The rules that you put in place should be based on your teen’s experience level and competency as a driver.

As a parent, it is important that your teen driver comes home safe after every trip. In addition to the ground rules that you put in place, an insurance policy from companies such as LA Insurance can provide financial protection. This can protect your assets in the event that your child causes an accident or damages the car.


  1. Never text & drive stay alive is what anyone knows plus #cellphones give off #RFradiation which damages #humancells

  2. Very good points. It's so hard to see your kids drive alone for the first time.

  3. Important points. One big one is practice what you preach and show them bymodeling good behavior. Texting is worse than drunk driving, avoid distractions.
    ellen beck

  4. Very good tips. I would say that a teen should learn to drive from a professional instructor.

  5. Good to be aware and prevent any tragedies


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