12 June 2018

Brace Yourself! How to Break It to Your Kids That It’s Time to Move

The age of your kids will dictate the manner in which you start the conversation about your move. Depending on their level of attachment, it will also determine how difficult this conversation will be for you. Here are some of the ways that you can break the news of moving to your kids.

Simple and StraightforwardSet aside enough time to discuss your big move as a family. Don’t leave wiggle room in your verbiage in which your kids think that it’s open for debate. Be straightforward and matter of fact. This will limit the amount of argument that you experience. Allow your kids to ask questions about how this will affect them. They need to be assured that you’ve thought about the impacts to their lives.

Provide Opportunities for ClosureGive your kids a chance to say goodbye to all of the things that they love about your home and neighborhood. This may mean that you let them know about the move as soon as possible. Plan on throwing a goodbye party or dinner so that they have a chance for closure. This is especially important for kids to be able to move forward. You want them to be able to fit into their new life. This would be made harder if they weren’t willing to let go of their old lives.

Give Contact SolutionsLet your kids know that they can still talk to their old friends. You don’t want them to think that they have to make a clean break. It will take time for them to make new friends. Giving them the opportunity to talk to their old friends is one way to ease this transition. You may want to set up opportunities where they can chat online or via video. This may make your life a little easier as you’re all settling into your new home.

Drum up InterestGet online and research all of the fun things that will be available after you move. This could be that you look into activities and their schools. Another thing to look into is any location attractions that might be available. Show your kids the research that you’ve done so that they understand that you’re serious about the move. If there are pictures of your new home, let your kids select their rooms before you arrive. You may want to allow them to select the colors for their rooms to help personalize them.

Moving will be hard on the whole family. Look into long distance moving companies to help your through the process of getting to your new home.


  1. I thought your different ways to tell the children of a move was excellent! This is a hard thing to do and go thru, but with you tips it will definitely help.

  2. I think with most things being honest and oen is the best answer. You dont have to explain everything, just the basics but being honest is key.
    ellen beck


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