03 March 2018

The Real Reasons Parents Want Their Kids To Play Sports

If we through the age-old questions of, “why is sport so important to children?” you would probably recline in your chair a little, roll your eyes a lot and then repeat the same things we’ve been told a thousand times before. It’s good for character building and proving persistence and boosting positivity and working in a team and all that stuff. We get it.

That said, we still want to write about it; the difference being, we want to go in a little deeper and see what specifics can be dragged out, the kind of specifics that will help you smile the next time you’re loading up the minivan with kids and sports equipment and snacks for the whole team, yawning your head off as you embark on another away trip.

1. You Gotta Know How To Deal With People
The thing with sports is, well, you have to deal with difficult people. You’ve gotta learn how to deal with an enthusiastic coach, selfish teammates and seriously good opponents, which is a lot like dealing with coworkers, neighbors, bosses and, dare we say, in-laws. It’s good practice.

2. Handling Pressure Is A Major Plus
Astronaut, supply teacher, creative copywriter, novelist, explorer - there isn’t a job out there that is immune to high-pressure situations. Not one. That’s where sport is super useful. It teaches you to stay calm in those moments of immense onslaught, like if your kid is a wide-receiver with the ball floating his way, the crowd roaring and the clock showing nine seconds left. That sort of thing.

3. Personal Development From Up High
If you were to click here and take a look at what a top soccer academy says it works on, you’ll find player development is high on the agenda. That will be the same for your child when they enter the workforce because every boss wants to push its employees. Luckily, your kid learned how to understand the coach and what they wanted, which will translate over seamlessly.

4. They learn How To Stick With Something
On a sports field, no matter the sport, you stick with the task at hand until the clock runs out. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting whooped or if you’re doing the whooping, you keep trying; you keep working toward a goal. That’s an incredible thing for your child to carry with them into adulthood. It helps them work toward personal goals no matter how many challenges may get thrown up or how many setbacks might swing by. It’s learning never to give up.

5. Rise Up Above The Negativity
In life, you are always going to get naysayers and haters and people that don’t believe and people that will put you down, but you won’t get it anywhere worse than on a sports field. Nope. That’s when people really share their thoughts and opinions, jumping on mistakes and blaming people for a loss. So, if your kid can handle this part of sport, then doubt-filled adulthood will be an absolute breeze, that’s for sure.


  1. Very interesting site for moms.

  2. I miss my son playing sports, especially football. I'm a empty nester now.

  3. All the reasons above are accurate. Playing sports is also a way to make friends with kids with common interests, to learn how ro lose gracefully (hopefully) learn how to depend on a team. So many good reasons for sports.


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