28 March 2018

Key Tips On Staying Safe While Bike Riding With Kids

Bike riding with your kids is one of the best ways to bond as a family. Most kids also enjoy the freedom of bike riding. However, as parents, you must ensure the safety of your children to avoid any unfortunate events.

Assuring safety when bike riding with your children entails the right bicycle equipment and choosing the right bicycle for your kids. Meanwhile, read the following tips to stay safe while bike riding with kids:

Bring the right kit

Bringing with you the right tools and equipment ensures the safety of your children when bike riding with them.

  • Helmet: The most important equipment is the helmet. Look for a kid’s helmet that has a good fit instead of choosing a specific model. Visit the local bike shop and purchase a helmet that fits comfortably on your child’s head. Also, make sure that it is worn properly and protects your kid’s forehead. Further, avoid over-tight straps.
  • Sunblock and covered clothing: Bike riding with kids under the sun can be dangerous for their skin. Prevent sunburn by applying sunblock and letting your kid wear light-colored clothing with leg and arm coverage. Furthermore, your kid’s back of the neck is vulnerable when they lean on child seats. Dress your kid with an additional layer of clothing to ensure he/she will not get as hot as you.
  • Kickstand: Your child may find it difficult to get in or out of a trailer or child seat by his/her own. So, make sure to bring a strong kickstand to ensure that you will never leave your child unattended in the child seat.

Types of bicycle equipment that are safe to ride with small children

Smaller children are non-pedalling passengers until they reach the age of five. Fortunately, there is safety equipment that are fairly portable. The most popular selection include trailers, child seats, and balance bikes.
  • Bike trailers: This equipment features two or three-wheels that can accommodate one or two children. Bike trailers can be affixed to the rear part of the bike. Then, it will be pulled along behind you.
  • Child seats: Meanwhile, child seats fit at the back of a bicycle. It utilizes an attachment system that is much the same as a luggage rack or rear pannier. In addition, you can acquire front-mounted child seats that typically sit between the handlebars and the saddle on top of the tube.
  • Balance bikes: On the other hand, balance bicycles are becoming popular and are great for allowing your children to experience the feel of riding a bicycle without the pedals and gears. Also, they will learn how to balance while moving. This makes the transition of riding a bicycle without pedals easier and quicker.

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