10 April 2015

The Top 4 Most Hated Household Chores

Do you enjoy cleaning? Or do you hate it with a passion? You can probably guess which answer is the most common! Whether its nasty odours, nauseating mess or just the sheer effort, certain household chores are worse than others. These are four of the most hated household chores people gladly put off for as long as possible.

1. Disinfecting the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet has to be one of the most universally hated activities in the world. Just the thought of scrubbing a toilet is enough to disgust some people – no wonder it’s a commonly neglected household chore. Be warned though: the longer you leave your toilet to its own devices, the worse it will be when you eventually get around to cleaning it. Despite its reputation as one of the filthiest household items, cleaning your toilet doesn’t have to be an ordeal. There is a range of specially made toilet cleaning products available, and if germs really freak you out, try donning some rubber gloves. All you’ll need to get your toilet looking sparkling clean is a toilet brush and a little toilet cleaner. On the bright side, your toilet only needs to be cleaned around once a week to keep it nice and hygienic.

2. Cleaning the Floor

This household chore is especially hateable if your floors are white or cream coloured. No matter how small, every little stain and spec of dust will stand out, meaning you’ll have to put twice as much effort into your cleaning. It can be extremely tiring and frustrating, especially if your floors end up looking filthy again just a few days later. You can feel as though all your hard work was for nothing. Rather than struggle to get the dust and grime off your floors by yourself, you might consider hiring a professional cleaning service, such as Absolute Domestics Cleaning, to take care of this arduous task for you.

3. Scrubbing out the Oven

Oven cleaning is detested because of the persistent nature of oven grease, which can be very difficult to remove once it has been exposed to high temperatures over a long period of time. The only way to get rid of that layer of black, sticky grime is with potent cleaning products and plenty of vigorous scrubbing. It’s the kind of job you need to devote a couple of hours to, especially if you are doing it without professional help. Be sure to follow the instructions on oven cleaners very carefully, as some of them can contain strong chemicals.

4. Dusting

Dusting is one of those time-consuming household chores that gets pushed to bottom of your priority list and forgotten. Before you know it, your entire house can be absolutely covered in dust, from the windows right down to the skirting boards. Dust has a habit of settling on literally any kind of surface, making it difficult to get at in some cases. But there is a variety of different dusters on the market to cater for those hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning can be a loathsome task, but just imagine the sense of satisfaction you’ll have once all of those nasty jobs have been done. What are some of your most hated household chores? Share your tips or cleaning horror stories in the comments below.

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