29 January 2015

Hold, carry and protect your child's gadgets with PawdPet.

Have you ever given your child your iPod or even their very own tablet to play with only to watch them accidentally or purposely in some cases drop it on the floor? Of course, you have and you are not alone. Thousands of modern parents are allowing their children to use and even own pricey devices. It is becoming very important to not only teach responsible usage but also protect these items from unexpected happenings. PawdPet allows you to hold, carry and protect your handheld devices or tablets providing piece of mind in these situations.

PawdPet is not only a preventive product, it is also an adorable one with a plush animal design. While many holders and cases sport a hard or soft shell, they can be not so attractive to our wee ones. In fact some styles can even be disruptive during use. The soft material that you find on PawdPet creates a lovable snuggle toy even when not actively in use.

Even if the cuddle appeal is not enough to support their Kickstarter campaign, the PawdPet also is packed with one additional feature that I can say is "awesomesause"!

You can place the device in the PawdPet's back pocket when not in use? And there is also a travel strap that makes on the go so much easier. Just think of how convenient this will make it to take their tablet along on the airplane or even in the car. I know for us, this would be a great solution for Low when we travel.

With your support, PawdPet will be able to cover the cost of their initial production run. At the Kickstarter goal, they are expecting completion by Spring 2015, just in time for summer travel deliveries.Their goal is to provide our customers with quality product that is cute, functional and practical.

To find out more about how to support the PawdPet Kickstarter Campaign and receive your PawdPet before they are available to the public visit, http://bit.ly/pawdpet.

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