13 October 2014

The Importance of Quality Components in Engineered Solutions

Engineering the right solutions for your customers and their respective problems requires you to be able to utilize quality hardware that meets both your durability and performance requirements while maintaining cost-efficiency.

This same premise holds true regardless of the industry you service. Fields like automotive manufacturing and repair, carpentry, construction, metalworking and roofing all depend on tools and equipment that's made to be durable and with the right functions in mind.

How Do You Choose Quality Components?

There are a number of ways to choose quality components when it comes to your engineering requirements. The most basic requirements are that they have the right physical properties and that they come from a reputable source.

The last thing to consider should always be the price as a component that fails under the strain of what would be proper use is an insufficient solution.

The Physical Properties of Components

Your engineering team will be the group who decides on the physical properties that a component needs to have in order to be able to fulfill its role.

For example, your company might design containers and toolboxes for consumers to use in the back of their vehicles. If you market in a region where there is a wide temperature variation or to a profession that requires such, certain metals may be more prone to sheering in colder weather. If a hinge or lock breaks on one of these containers, it could cause a mess for both your customer and your public relations department.

Choosing components that are made from the right alloys is only half of the solution.

A Trustworthy Company

When determining what parts will work best, it's important to take into consideration a company's reputation. You want to purchase your components from a business that has a long line of happy customers who have provided practical reviews of the components they have purchased.

Companies specializing in industrial hardware supply, like Sierra Pacific, provide top-notch components and products that are created using high-tech engineering processes. Everything from door holders to hinges and latches are made with thorough review processes, which means that the products will stand up to temperature changes, daily use and many other conditions.

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