21 July 2014

Five Tips for Choosing Comfortable Sheets

When shopping for sheets you can quickly become bombarded with options. Should you go with Egyptian cotton or a cotton blend? Which colors will be the most relaxing to you? How much does thread count really matter? You might find that even as you get answers, you are also finding more questions. You might get to the point when you start to wonder just how important the sheets really are. Take a moment to think about the most comfortable bed you have slept in. Chances are good that a significant part of that memory involves the sheets. In fact, because of the close connection between you and your sheets (and pillows and blankets), your bedding plays a prominent role in how well you sleep.

Follow these tips to make your bedding choices easier:

1.       Choose the Right Material

There are a few great options; linen and silk are almost as popular for sheets as cotton is. However, cotton has been a favorite and continues to be a favorite for some very good reasons:

·         Cotton can trap heat and let cool air pass through. It is a great choice for summer sleeping when you want to be cool. Blends might provide you with pretty good results, but for the best sleep, choose top quality cotton.
·         Cotton sheets are durable. As you consider the fact that you spend a third to half of your life in bed, it becomes quickly apparent that top quality sheets are necessary unless you want to replace them often.
·         Cotton is also a very comfortable option. Choose a luxurious cotton sheet to really enjoy a comfortable night. A sateen version will deliver top quality comfort.

2.       Pay Attention to Craftsmanship

You can easily be misled by high prices and high thread counts; neither of these qualities can guarantee that your sheets will be soft and inviting. Instead, find out how the sheets were crafted. For example, hand-picked cotton is often cleaner, more durable, and as a result, softer than other cottons.

3.        Choose a Relaxing Color

Remember that the primary function of the bedroom is to relax and take a break from the world. In other words, your bedroom should be a good place to de-stress and sleep – and very few other things. You might choose bright colors because that is what you really love, but for the best success at getting a soothing night’s rest, choose soft pastels and only subtle patterns, if any.

4.       Feel the Differences Between Weaves

If you like your sheets crisp and smooth or soft and supple, you can feel the difference when you pass your hand over the sheets. Percale provides a snappy crispness and sateen delivers a more forgiving softness. Jersey sheets are very soft, but may move around the bed quite a bit.

5.       Select the Best Fit

In order to enjoy slipping into bed at night without constantly adjusting the sheets, you need to carefully measure your mattress and pick sheets that are the right size. Look for an elastic edging around the fitted sheet that will accommodate the size and shape of your mattress. If you have a mattress that is not a standard size, look for sheets with special sizes.

As you remember these tips, your chances of successfully choosing sheets should improve. Stick to your own impressions concerning the feel and comfort of bedding. After all, your comfort at night should be the top priority. 

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