09 July 2014

10 Drawer Organizers for Your Home Office

Do you have a home office that needs some organization?  This area can easily get cluttered with paper and little items. Fortunately, there are several tools that can make this area look functional and visually pleasing at the same time. In particular, these 10 drawer organizers are greatoptions to help you stay organized.

1 – Drawer Cart

A lot of people like to add drawercarts to their offices. These carts are very functional in an office because they move. In addition, they hold a lot of items including paper, tools, and folders. They are great for the crafter, writer, or at-home business owner.

2 – Colorful Drawers

If you want your office to look more colorful, then you can always include organizational drawers that have color. This is a nice way to add personality to your office and help it stay clean at the same time.

3 – Drawer Boxes

There are individual boxes that can be used in drawers. These boxes help you organize smaller items such as paper clips, scissors, staplers, pens, calculators, and more. Many people like individual boxes because they select the ones they want based on their individual needs.

4 – Drawer Compartment

Drawer compartments are a great option because they contain multiple spaces in one container to organize your belongings. These are ideal if you want something that is simple and easy for your office drawers. Many people prefer these, and a lot of them are available in high quality materials such as bamboo.

5 – Stacking Bins

For the bulkier items in your office, stacking bins are a great organization tool. These often function like larger drawers. You can put additional items in them that will not fit in your desk drawers.

6 – Stackable Drawers

There are products available that allow you to create stackable drawers for your office. Many people use these for extra storage space behind their desks.

7 – Organizational Trays

One of the most popular organizational tools for an office is a tray. This product can be placed in a desk drawer or on top of a desk depending on the amount of space you have. It prevents your desk from feeling cluttered. It provides a space for all of your office accessories, so you can find them when you need them.

8 – Baskets

Underneath your drawers, it is common to place baskets. These can provide you with additional storage space, and they also help you further organize your office.

9 – Metal Drawers

It is also common for people to add metal storage units with drawers to their office space. These drawers look professional and industrial. They are usually very fitting for the office environment.

10 – Expandable Organizers

If you want your drawers to look very custom, then an expandable organizer is a great option. This organizer can be tailored to meet the size of your drawer. This way, you will not have any left over space in the drawer. Instead, there will be an area to organize something throughout your entire drawer.

With these 10 drawer organizers, you should be able to keep your office organized. This way, you will be able to work without feeling cluttered in your environment. 

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