02 June 2014

The Joy of Handmade Dolls

There are many reasons for both parents and children to cherish handmade dolls. Kids typically like soft dolls to hug on when they have moments of insecurity or when they need a little company for bedtime or afternoon naps. Stuffed animals, family pets and soft toys often become kids' first friends. Caring for these things is usually how small children learn to be responsible for something other than themselves.

Parents are assured that their children have soft toys that are not likely to cause scratches or injuries. Many parents are also very pleased that the toy is handmade. This quality teaches children the value of having a personal belonging that has not been constructed on an assembly line. These are the kind of toys that eventually become family heirlooms.

Handmade dolls at places like Two Blossoms Lane give kids a lot of colorful details to keep them focused. They can be made with bright clothing that keeps them firmly connected to a decade of days past or to the present. They can also have brightly painted facial features like pink rosy cheeks, long eyelashes or bright red lips. Colors can influence a child's mood and keep him cheery. Some designs that make the doll resemble a sunflower or a ladybug are especially memorable for children.

The best thing about handmade dolls is that they do not have to be perfect to be lovable. Many do not even have details on the limbs like fingernails, bendable elbows or separate toes on the feet. Children do not care about these details. They care that they have something to hold.

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