04 May 2014

Keeping Clutter under Control this Spring

The spring season can invite a lot of clutter, especially as Easter can revolve around kid’s making crafts, baking and other activities, leaving very little time to eliminate extra clutter as you go. A big spring clean will always seem daunting as you allow things to accumulate but take control now and you will soon start to see a change in yourself as well as your household. Follow these top tips for an effective spring clean.

Tackle one room at a time

One of the main reasons we put off a spring clean is the sheer magnitude of junk that we know is lurking in every corner of the house. Thinking about the big picture can defeat you before you have even begun so it is vital to spread the load. Depending on the size of your home and daily errands etc, you may wish to tackle one room a day to ensure a thorough clean. Working your way through each room with a checklist for items you’re tossing, keeping, selling etc will make the task of re-arranging the room far easier to do.

Learn to let go

Giving things up is tough to do because we’re not always entirely sure when items are no longer useful to us. Almost a third of our wardrobe, for example, can be filled with clothes and accessories we haven’t used for years but we cling on to them ‘just because’. Allowing items to pile up can breed anxiety and compulsive behaviour so as hard as it may seem, learning to part regularly with unused items now can give your daily life more order and even prevent long-term health risks.    

Get things out of the house

Once you have organised your clutter into firm categories i.e. items to donate to charity and bags or boxes for the dump, be sure to get these removed from your home as quickly as possible. Leaving piles upon piles of donation boxes and unwanted items in the basement for months on end will inevitably lead to these becoming part of your home’s clutter again so ensure they are removed ASAP. If you wish to sell some items quickly, look to online sellers in favor of a garage sale as this allows you to get on with more important tasks while you wait for your check in the mail.

Hopefully, this has given you the motivation to clear out the clutter once and for all! A large part of effective de-cluttering is to learning to invest in the items that promote clean living and actually help to keep your home organised.

It may seem counter-productive to introduce extra items in the home, but for every mass clearout of junk you don’t need, try buying items that will serve a useful purpose. The Discovery Store is home to some stylish and efficient gadgets for the home as well as some handmade recycled goodies to feed your inner eco warrior too. 

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