24 April 2014

Four Efficient Home Appliances

As of July of 2013, the amount of Americans that worked full-time jobs was 47 percent. This means that half of the families in the United States have to leave their homes for approximately eight hours a day. Busy work lives call for household products that can perform the tasks faster and more efficiently than the human hands can. Examples of some appliances that can increase efficiency in the home are as follows:


A dishwasher can assist the main home caretaker with clearing the dishes in a timely fashion. Operating a dishwasher can save a person approximately four hours per week that can be spent on family time, work-studies or schoolwork. Stainless steel dishwashers are crafted with long-term durability and high production in mind. Some elaborate dishwashers have capacities that reach beyond the normal four-person family household. Such dishwashers may have features such as Auto Wash and Quick Wash, which increase the amount of time for the load to complete a cycle. Homeowners who have dishwashers in their household can have ample time to perform other more important chores around the home. 

Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers are crucial elements to have within a working-family household. Homeowners who have to go out to local Laundromats not only lose time traveling, but also they may not have the best cleaning experience. Heavy-duty washers can handle massive loads while still utilizing a minimum amount of energy. Additionally, they professionally clean clothes for the entire family. Dryers are must-have companions for heavy-duty washers. Some of the latest dryers have use steam and have extremely fast dry times. Early morning workers can benefit from these dryers during times when a quick dry is necessary. Modern dryers have features such as Wave touch controls and reversible doors. Wave touch control allows the operator to perform tasks with the touch of one finger. 

Steam Cleaners

Precision steam cleaners serve a dual purpose. They professionally clean various floor textures and help to prevent allergic reactions to allergens. New steam cleaner models offer chemical-free solutions to the consumers. 

A homeowner can find useful and efficient home appliances through a number of online merchants. Electrolux is an example of a company that sells home products. Working homeowners can learn more here about managing their time and their stress levels with appliances that eliminate hard labor and increase electric efficiency and air quality.

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