28 February 2014

Turn Your House Into a Home

A house is little more than four walls and a load of possessions. But a home is much more. A home has character and personality. More than anything else, it is a place of comfort which has your family's identity indelibly marked throughout. So whether you've just bought a house or if you're renting somewhere new, here are some great tips to turn your house into a home.


The type of artwork someone chooses to hang in their home can say a lot about their personality. Whether it's a collection of soothing pastoral images or one of Stuart Faulkner's wacky creations, having art that reflects your values and aesthetic taste is a great way to put a personal stamp on your home. By no means do you need to break the bank to have good artwork either. You don't need to have original works or top quality prints even. But having something on the walls that speaks to you and represents your personal taste is a guaranteed way to personalize the space and inject it with a shot of homeliness.

Coziness Is Next to Homeliness

Perhaps the best way to turn your house into a warm and welcoming space is to make it as cosy as possible. Whereas cheap furniture from IKEA or other budget stores is friendly on the wallet, it doesn't necessarily offer much in terms of comfort or homeliness. Good quality oak furniture or large, soft couches on the other hand will give your house a homely feel in an instant. And if you want to take comfort and warm one step further, there can be no substitute for a classic wood burning stove from Fireplace Products.


You don't need to be an agricultural wizard to cultivate a lovely collection of plants in your home. A wide selection of indoor plants are available from hardware stores or nurseries, and the difference they make to the feel of your home is massive. Not only will they give the air a freshness, but they'll contribute aesthetically as well.

Comfort and Style, Fully Realized

A home is so much more than a building full of possessions. A home is a place of comfort and refuge, a place that reflects your values and tastes. And with the advice given here, you can rest assured that both comfort and style will be fully realized in your home. 


  1. Lovely wall Decor and lovely creativity

  2. thanks for this advice, we are still working on turning our new house into our home! we need lots of art on the wall, i have a friend who does art and she is giving me some pieces, so excited!


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