20 February 2014

Trendy Pieces of Jewelry for Your Jewelry Box

Are you a fashion forward female that wants to look like a million bucks everyday?  You are not alone. Many women are constantly striving to live up to the latest trends seen on the red carpet or in the fashion magazines. Although looking good is a lot about the clothes you wear, it is important to remember that the jewelry you wear can complete your outfits. Look how far women’s statement jewelry has come in terms of style and uniqueness. The following list of jewelry items will help you know what pieces of jewelry to fill your jewelry box with. This way, you will always be on trend.

Leather Bracelets

For casual outfits, leather bracelets for women are a must-have. You can get these in several different colors. They are often adorned with beads and jewels. Many of today’s hottest celebrities wear multiple leather bracelets at a time for a fun and personal layered look. When you are wearing these bracelets, you do not have to worry about matching each bracelet to your outfit. Instead, try to create interest without distracting from your overall ensemble.

Tassel Necklace

A tassel necklace is a great pendant necklace to invest in. This type of necklace is available in multiple styles and metals. It is a great accessory to wear with fancier clothing styles, such as cocktail dresses, silk tops, or low cut shirts. This type of necklace is also more fashion forward, making it a good accessory option for a night on the town.

Wrap Bracelets

If you like the look of layered bracelets, then a wrap bracelet is a great piece for your jewelry collection. This bracelet is thicker, and it combines smaller strands of jewels or beads. Wrap bracelets come in a variety of different designs, allowing you to pick the ones that best suit your personality and tastes. Some are dressier, and others are more casual. Therefore, you can wear these bracelets just about anywhere.

Dangle Earrings

On your ears, dangle earrings are a great trend to wear. These earrings are long and thin. They stand out and draw attention to the features of your face. They are available in several different styles, allowing you to wear them for multiple occasions. The following are a few popular types of dangle earrings:

·         Chain earrings
·         Beaded dangle earrings
·         Crystal earrings

Since these earrings are longer, they can be uncomfortable to wear all day long. Instead, most people wear them for a few hours at a time.

Layering Necklace

Like bracelets, it has become popular for women to wear multiple necklaces. Usually, it looks best when a simple layering necklace is worn underneath the focal necklace. This layering necklace does not have to be a basic gold or silver chain. Instead, it can be something that has more detail. Many popular layering necklaces have beads and charms. They coordinate well with the main necklace that is being worn, and they can be worn alone as an everyday piece.

With these trendy pieces of jewelry, you will be able to accessorize your clothing properly. In doing so, you will look presentable, polished, and on trend wherever you go.


  1. wow that's a lot of trendy pieces..very nice.

  2. I love Dangle earrings, leather bracelets and layered necklaces. These are pieces that I have in my jewelry collection. I need to get a Tassle Necklace. I have seen them and they are so pretty!

  3. Some pretty good ideas esp since my granddaughters are getting interested in jewelry and I dont want to spend a lot of money on this obsession.

  4. Some good ideas for granddaughters who are getting interested and I dont want to spend a lot

  5. I love Dangle earrings as well as leather bracelets

  6. I love Dangle earrings as well as leather bracelets

  7. I love the leather bracelets and the wrap bracelets too.


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